Williams Gynecology, Third Edition 3rd Edition 2016 PDF

Williams Gynecology, Third Edition 3rd Edition 2016 PDF
by Barbara Hoffman (Author), John Schorge (Author), Karen Bradshaw (Author),

The only gynecology textbook to combine a comprehensive quick-reference guide and a full-color surgical atlas in one beautifully illustrated volume

The first edition of Williams Obstetrics was  published  over  a century ago. Since then, the editors of this seminal text have presented a comprehensive and evidenced-based discussion of obstetrics.  Patterned  after  our  patriarch, Williams  Gynecologyprovides  a  thorough  presentation  of  gynecology’s  depth and breadth. In Section 1, general gynecology topics are covered. Sections 2 provides chapters covering reproductive endocrinology and infertility. The developing field of female pelvic medicine  and reconstructive  surgery  is  presented  in  Section  3.  In Section 4, gynecologic oncology is discussed.
Traditionally,  gynecologic  information  has  been  offered within the format of either a didactic text or a surgical atlas. 
However, because the day-to-day activities of a gynecologist blends these two, so too did we. The initial four sections of our  book  describe  the  evaluation  and  medical  treatment  of gynecologic  problems.  The  remaining  two  sections  focus  on the surgical patient. Section 5 offers detailed anatomy and a discussion of perioperative considerations. Our final section presents an illustrated atlas for the surgical correction of conditions  described  in  Sections  1  through  4.  To  interconnect this  content,  readers  will  find  page  references  within  one chapter  that  will  direct  them  to  complementary  content  in another.
Although d iscu ssion s of d isease evalu ation an d tr eatmen t ar e evidence based, our text strives to assist the practicing gynecologist and resident. Accordingly, chapters are extensively complemented by illustrations, photographs, diagnostic algorithms, 
and treatment tables

Williams Gynecology provides comprehensive coverage of the full spectrum of gynecologic healthcare and disease management, including benign general gynecology; reproductive endocrinology, infertility, and menopause; female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery; and gynecologic oncology. The surgical management sections include Aspects of Gynecologic Surgery and Atlas of Gynecologic Surgery, which covers Surgeries of Benign Gynecologic Conditions, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Surgeries for Female Pelvic Reconstruction, and Surgeries for Gynecologic Malignancies.

Williams Gynecology, Third Edition is beautifully illustrated, with hundreds of original drawings for both the surgical atlas and medical reference portions. Each chapter follows a practical template for a consistent approach to diagnosis and treatment. With its extensive use of treatment algorithms, differential diagnosis boxes, and other elements, this book is an outstanding quick-reference.


·       Two resources in one―full-color medical text and surgical atlas―surveys the entire spectrum of gynecologic disease, including general gynecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, urogynecology, and gynecologic oncology

·       Illustrated atlas of gynecologic surgery contains over 450 full color figures that depict operative techniques

·       Unique templated text design ensures a consistent approach to diagnosis and treatment
·       Strong procedure orientation covers a vast array of surgical operations, which are illustrated in detail 
·       Evidence-based discussion of disease evaluation reinforces and supports the clinical relevance of the book’s diagnostic and treatment methods

·       Heavily illustrated gynecologic anatomy chapter created with the surgeon in mind

·       Revised to keep up with new and expanded content on the latest topics, including minimally invasive procedures, benign gynecology, and the subspecialties of urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, and reproductive endocrinology

Williams Gynecology, Third Edition 3rd Edition 2016 PDF

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