Vaginal Surgery

Vaginal Surgery

Michel Cosson
Gynecological Surgeon
Jeanne-de-Flandre Hospital, Lille, France
Denis Querleu
Gynecological Surgeon,
Cancer Center of the Claudius-Regaud Institute, Toulouse,
Daniel Dargent
Formerly Director of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Edouard- Herriot Hospital, Lyon, France

Vaginal Surgery

To compose the preface of a work represents, for the person who is so honored, an exercise that is at once uplifting, dangerous and uncertain. Uplifting, because it gives the pleasurable but ephemeral impression of possessing an immense power of judgment. Dangerous, because he must summarize, with great economy, the main points of the elements of the matter without allowing his personal emotions to interfere.

And uncertain because the one and real judge of the work will always be the reader himself. For the specific case of the subject of vaginal surgery, the task has been greatly facilitated by the level of excellence of the criteria of judgment.

The subject: to have selected, the theme of gynecological surgery via vaginal access for a book with a pedagogical vocation has proven to be an excellent opportunity. In fact, gynecological surgery, after a long period of domination by the “abdominal approach” has benefited from two major aspects of its evolution:

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