Download Ebook Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology

Download Ebook Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology

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Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology

Atul Luthra MBBS MD DNB Diplomate National Board of Medicine Consultant Physician and Cardiologist New Delhi, India

Download Ebook Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology

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With the widespread availability of sophisticated investigative technology, the clinical approach towards the diagnosis of heart disease has undergone a paradigm shift. These days, it has become customary to diagnose a cardiac ailment solely on the basis of an electronic report generated by a CATHlab., ECHO-room or EPS-facility. Nevertheless, a meticulously taken medical history and a thoroughly performed physical examination have been and will remain indispensable tools to mentally construct a plausible clinical diagnosis of heart disease. The electrocardiogram (ECG), chest skiagram (X-Ray) and echocardiogram (ECHO) are simple yet informative diagnostic modalities that have withstood the test of time. They elegantly complement the information gathered from medical history and physical examination and they are cost-effective investigations in resource sensitive settings. Moreover, since the equipment for these tests are portable, the tests can be conveniently performed at the patient’s bedside and the results interpreted in the light of clinical data. I must compliment Dr Luthra for this brilliant and unique title Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology. He has elegantly compiled a wide variety of real-world clinical situations encountered during the course of cardiology practice. The discussion and clinical pearls after each case description are really worth appreciating. Cardiology students preparing for their examinations, resident doctors and paramedical staff working in cardiaccare units as well as non-cardiologist physicians dealing with heart patients are most likely to benefit from this book.

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Download Ebook Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology

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