A Textbook of Neuroanatomy PDF Download

A Textbook of Neuroanatomy PDF Download
by Maria A. Patestas (Author), Leslie P. Gartner  (Author)

This complete, yet concise text is designed to help students easily master the anatomy and basic physiology of the nervous system. Accessible and clear, the text highlights interrelationships between systems, structures and the rest of the body as it moves through various regions of the brain. The first nine chapters introduce the main principles and terms in neuroanatomy, and the remaining chapters then use this information to describe the anatomy and function of the various pathways and discrete systems.
Navigates students through the general principles and integrative components of the Nervous System
Highlights interrelationships between systems, structures, and the rest of the body
Emphasizes clinical relevance through clinical cases, questions, and follow-up discussions in each chapter
Indicates medical conditions relevant to each chapter in the Clinical Considerations
Features an accompanying website, www.blackwellpublishing.com/patestas, which includes all the 

A Textbook of Neuroanatomy PDF Download

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