Surgery A Competency-Based Companion PDF download free

Surgery A Competency-Based Companion PDF download free

There is no steeper learning curve in medicine than residency. The dramatic difference between interns and chief residents can be described as a journey—a journey to authenticity—a journey in which young physicians discover both clinical wisdom and themselves, a journey in which they become authentic surgeons. The work before the journey begins in medical school, on surgical clerkships, when students discover the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to approach common surgical problems. Students share with residents two primal fears: they don’t want to hurt anybody (a situation made especially complex in surgery, where in order to help a patient it may be necessary to hurt him) and they don’t want to appear stupid. In confronting these fears both students and residents begin to develop the habits of a lifetime. There are four reasons why this book will help. First, it deconstructs the needed competence into six competencies that are both manageable and enduring. The same six competencies will be used throughout the life of the surgeon: in residency; for initial board certifi cation; and for maintenance of certifi cation once a practicing surgeon. Second, the surgical problems presented are both common and important. They illustrate the approach of the complete surgeon and provide examples to guide learners on their journey. Third, the book is exceptionally well written and well organized. Readers can learn about the surgical problem by going through the cases or they can learn about the competency, for example, by going through the 53 professionalism pieces. Fourth, the book successfully integrates the general rules of surgery with particular concrete contexts. The journey to competence begins by learning the rules and proceeds by applying those rules in different and ever more complex contexts. This book bridges the two steps; it provides clarity as readers confront uncertainty; it tells them what to notice and how to make sense out of what they notice, and it provides an orderly basis for action. An ancient mantra, “To teach is to create a space in which obedience to truth is practiced” captures the power of the relationships in teaching. This book will facilitate conversations designed to discern the truth and obey it. Enjoy it. David C. Leach MD Executive Director Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education

Surgery A Competency-Based Companion PDF download free

Chapter 1:  How to Study This Book Barry D. Mann MD
No matter the duration of the surgery clerkship, it is often diffi cult for students to make a reading and study plan during a surgical rotation. Under normal circumstances, students who are engaged in daily patient care and operating room activities do not have time to master an entire surgical reference text. Students are faced with the quandary, “Do I read a book to get an overview of general surgery, or do I focus on reading about my patients?” Ideally, one should do both. Below are comments about the purpose of this book and a few suggestions for prioritizing reading and study of concepts presented in this book. This book is not an exhaustive compendium of all surgical knowledge. The purposes of this book are to (1) orient you to the cognitive processes associated with establishing a differential diagnosis and surgical decision making; (2) introduce you to interpersonal and system issues and solutions that impact on patient care; and (3) provide you with opportunities to conduct self-assessment.


Chapter 2:

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