Rosen’s Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice: 2-Volume Set, 9e 2017 PDF

Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice: 2-Volume Set, 9e 2017 PDF
by Ron Walls MD (Author), Robert Hockberger MD (Author), Marianne Gausche-Hill MD FACEP FAAP (Author)

Since its revolutionary first edition in 1983, Rosen's Emergency Medicine set the standard for reliable, accessible, and comprehensive information to guide the clinical practice of emergency medicine. Generations of emergency medicine residents and practitioners have relied on Rosen’s as the source for current information across the spectrum of emergency medicine practice.. The 9th Edition continues this tradition of excellence, offering the unparalleled clarity and authority you’ve come to expect from the award-winning leader in the field. Throughout the text, content is now more concise, clinically relevant, and accessible than ever before – meeting the needs of today’s increasingly busy emergency medicine practitioner.

Delivers clear, precise information, focused writing and references; relevant, concise information; and generous use of illustrations provide definitive guidance for every emergency situation.Offers the most immediately relevant content of any emergency medicine reference, providing diagnostic and treatment recommendations with clear indications and preferred actions.
Presents the expertise and knowledge of a new generation of editors, who bring fresh insights and new perspectives to the table.

Online content includes 1,200 questions and answers, as well as select video clips showing how to best perform key procedures.
Includes more than 550 new figures, including new anatomy drawings, new graphs and algorithms, and new photos.
Provides diligently updated content throughout, based on only the most recent and relevant medical literature.
Provides improved organization in sections to enhance navigation and six new chapters: Airway Management for the Pediatric Patient; Procedural Sedation and Analgesia for the Pediatric Patient; Drug Therapy for the Pediatric Patient; Co-Morbid Medical Emergencies During Pregnancy; Drug Therapy in the Geriatric Patient; and Global and Humanitarian Emergency Medicine.

When  we  began  planning  for  this  ninth  edition,  we  challenged ourselves to make substantial and meaningful improvements to a book  that  has  become  the  trusted  standard  in  our  field.  With broad and rapid changes occurring in health care and information sciences,  we  recognized  that  relevance  is  not  an  accidental  or passive  concept.  To  advance  in  relevance  and  consolidate  the book’s position as the defining reference in our specialty, we carefully and deliberately undertook bold changes that we know make the  book  at  once  fresh,  directive,  and  current  in  a  way  we  have never before dared.First, we created a substantially enhanced role for our editors, one that would demand a great deal more of their time, creativity, and  energy.  This  helped  us  build  a  substantially  different  team of editors, a perfectly balanced blend of those with great experience  with  prior  editions  and  those  who  would  bring new ideas and challenge our assumptions. Ron Walls was asked to serve as Editor-in-Chief, with Bob Hockberger in his long-standing role as senior editor. Marianne Gausche-Hill, a highly respected academic emergency  physician  with  service  as  editor  on  four  previous editions,  stepped  up  to complete  our  senior  editorial  ranks.  At the  editor  level,  Dr.  Andy  Jagoda  returns  and  is  joined  by six brilliant new editors drawn from academic programs from coast to coast—Drs. Katherine Bakes, Jill Baren, Timothy Erickson, Amy Kaji, Michael VanRooyen, and Richard Zane. This dynamic and innovative  editorial  team  has  dramatically  redrawn  our  text’s blueprint  by  preserving  what  has  served our  readers  the  best, such as well-written discussions of the pathophysiologic basis of illness  and  injury, while  moving  in  entirely  new  directions  in providing pithy, clear, and succinct recommendations for diagnosis and treatment

Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice: 2-Volume Set, 9e 2017 PDF

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