Pulmonary Pathophysiology The Essentials 8th Edition

Pulmonary Pathophysiology The Essentials 8th Edition

This book is a companion to Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials, 9th edition (Lippincott
Williams & Wilkins, 2012), and is about the function of the diseased lung as opposed to
the normal lung. It is intended primarily for medical students in their second and subsequent

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However, a concise, amply illustrated account of respiratory function in disease will
prove useful to the increasingly large number of physicians (such as anesthesiologists and
cardiologists) and other medical personnel (including intensive care nurses and respiratory
therapists) who come into contact with respiratory patients. In addition, postgraduate students
will fi nd this brief account valuable for reviewing material before examinations.
Many medical schools are constantly trying to emphasize the relevance of the basic science
of the fi rst two years to the practice of medicine. Respiratory function can be a model
for this. A discussion of a patient with asthma, for example, can quickly and painlessly cover
the basic physiology of the airways, blood gases, and lung volumes. I hope that this little book
will be helpful in such a course that bridges the preclinical and clinical disciplines.
This book emphasizes the relations between structure and function in the diseased lung.
Indeed, readers will fi nd more anatomic pathology than might be expected in a book about
pathophysiology. However, function cannot be understood properly without knowledge of
structure. It is assumed that students who read this book are also exposed to teaching in
For this eighth edition, the text has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date in a
number of areas including exercise testing, control of ventilation, pathogenesis of asthma,
and bronchoactive drugs. However, the length of the book has been kept almost the same in
sympathy with the plight of modern medical students.
Other changes improve the didactic nature of the book. All the questions are now in
the USMLE format, lists of key concepts have been added at the end of each chapter, and
important points are highlighted. In addition there is a brief discussion of the answers to the

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