Principles and Practice of Photoprotection 1st ed. 2016 Edition PDF Download

Principles and Practice of Photoprotection 1st ed. 2016 Edition PDF Download
by Steven Q. Wang (Editor), Henry W. Lim (Editor)

Photoprotection captures the interest of physicians, academic researchers, industry scientists, law makers, marketers, general media, and consumers. It is a dynamic field where progresses and advancements often hinge on close collaboration of multidisciplinary teams. In the past decade, significant development has been made in the realm of sunscreens where novel UV fi lters and innovative formulation techniques have improved both the effi cacy and aesthetic components of end products. To enhance protection from UV and even visible and infrared radiation, there has been active research exploring the application of antioxidants, nanotechnology, and DNA repair enzymes in photoprotection. Along the way, there has been a general trend towards global harmonization in guidelines for both testing and labeling claims in sunscreens. At the same time, recent clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of sunscreen in protecting against skin cancer and photoaging. Continual research has shown the importance of photoprotection in preventing photodermatoses and photoaggravated autoimmune diseases. Despite these scientific and medical advances, there remain many myths and controversies, especially in the general media, surrounding the safety and efficacy of sunscreens and other photoprotective modalities. Continued education of the general public to practice proper photoprotective behaviors is needed. 
This book aims to showcase all the rich facets and themes associated with photoprotection. Each chapter, which starts with a brief synopsis, is written by experts in their respective fields. The contributing authors have decades of clinical, research, or practical experience, and we are grateful to having enlisted this panel of experts to share their knowledge on this important topic. We sincerely hope the readers will find this book as an informative and practical guide.

Written by internationally recognized leaders, and covering all facets of photoprotection, this book summarizes the beneficial roles of photoprotection in skin cancers, photoaging, photodermatoses, autoimmune diseases, and other skin conditions. It provides an update on the current state of UV filters, boosters, photostabilizers and formulation of sunscreen, and showcases the current techniques and regulation in the evaluating of UV filters and sunscreen products. Furthermore, it discusses the role of nanotechnology, antioxidants, DNA repair technology, and oral and systemic agents in photoprotection. Each chapter encapsulates decades of clinical, research or practical experience on topics that will surely be an  interest for clinicians, researchers, industry scientists, regulators, and consumers.

Principles and Practice of Photoprotection PDF Donwload

Download Principles and Practice of Photoprotection PDF Free

Principles and Practice of Photoprotection PDF Free Download

Principles and Practice of Photoprotection 1st ed. 2016 Edition PDF Download

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