Pediatric Neurology (Neuroscience Research Progress)

Pediatric Neurology (Neuroscience Research Progress)

by Peter N. Lawson (Editor), Eliot A. Mccarthy (Editor)

This book present current research from across the globe in the study of pediatric neurology. Topics discussed include the application of MLS BAER in pediatric, mainly neonatal, neurology to detect or diagnose brainstem and auditory abnormalities; childhood epilepsy and cognition; early predictors for autism spectrum disorders; acute severe hypoxia and chronic sublethal hypoxia on the neonatal brainstem and clinical neurophysiology in preterm infants.

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Chapter 1 – In the last three decades, non-invasively electrophysiological examination of the functional integrity of the brainstem in pediatric, particularly neonatal, neurology has focused on the brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) or potential (BAEP). This response reflects electrophysiological activity of a large number of neurons in the brainstem auditory pathway following acoustic stimulation.

The non-invasive and objective nature of the BAER has led it to a wide use in pediatric neurology, in addition to audiology. It has been used to assess the functional integrity and development of the brainstem and the auditory system, and detect neuropathology that involves the brainstem auditory pathway in a wide range of pediatric diseases.

Nevertheless, conventional BAER (i.e. the BAER recorded and analysed using conventional averaging techniques) has some limitation in detection of neuropathology, and false-negative results are not uncommon. For infants with a normal
BAER the possibility of brainstem damage cannot be ruled out.

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