Pediatric Nail Disorders 2017 PDF

Pediatric Nail Disorders (Pediatric Diagnosis and Management) 1st Edition PDF
by Robert Baran (Editor), Smail Hadj-Rabia (Editor), Robert Silverman (Editor)

This is a highly illustrated guide to the diagnosis and management of nail conditions in children. With new material on genetics and on developments such as dermoscopy, it will be invaluable as a reliable clinical reference for both dermatologists and pediatricians, as well as those in family practice

Medicine has always raised clinical challenges, and this work is our latest attempt to deal with one of  these.
A specific book on pediatric nail disorders has never been written before, and although the subject is quite narrow, the gap in the clinical practice that it concerns is large. Parents are understandably disturbed about any abnormality in the shape, color, size, or texture of their child’s nails. Whether or not the appearance is significant, clinicians are generally ill prepared to address these concerns. Dermatologists, pediatricians, and family physicians may all be called on to treat these patients, but they may well feel uncertain about aspects that they may think belong to other specialists.
We hope all these groups of readers will benefit from the labors of the group of esteemed physicians from many fields who have focused their efforts to bring detailed and useful information on such a small appendage of the body. We also thank our publisher for having granted us confidence to complete our 

Pediatric Nail Disorders (Pediatric Diagnosis and Management) 1st Edition PDF

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