Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Volume 1: Care of the Critically Ill or Injured Child 2nd Edition PDF

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Volume 1: Care of the Critically Ill or Injured Child 2nd Edition PDF
by Derek S. Wheeler (Editor), Hector R. Wong (Editor), Thomas P. Shanley (Editor)

The second edition of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine spans three volumes, with major sections dedicated to specific organ systems. Each major section consists of separate chapters dedicated to reviewing the specific disease processes affecting each organ system. Each chapter concludes with a comprehensive list of references, with brief, concise remarks denoting references of ‘special interest’ and ‘of interest’. Consequently, the books are unique in their comprehensive coverage of pediatric critical care and their ease of use and will be of value to those studying towards pediatric critical care examinations and those who are already qualified.

The practitioner of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine should be facile with a broad scope of knowledge from human developmental biology, to pathophysiologic dysfunction of virtually every organ system, and to complex organizational management. The practitioner should select, synthesize and apply the information in a discriminative manner. And finally and most importantly, the practitioner should constantly “listen” to the patient and the responses to interventions in order to understand the basis for the disturbances that create life-threatening or severely debilitating conditions. 
Whether learning the specialty as a trainee or growing as a practitioner, the pediatric intensivist must adopt the mantle of a perpetual student. Every professional colleague, specialist and generalist alike, provides new knowledge or fresh insight on familiar subjects. Every patient presents a new combination of challenges and a new volley of important questions to the receptive and inquiring mind. 
A textbook of pediatric critical care fills special niches for the discipline and the student of the discipline. As an historical document, this compilation records the progress of the specialty. Future versions will undoubtedly show advances in the basic biology that are most important to bedside care. However, the prevalence and manifestation of disease invariably will shift, driven by epidemiologic forces, and genetic factors, improvements in care and, hopefully, by successful prevention of disease. Whether the specialty will remain as broadly comprehensive as is currently practiced is not clear, or whether sub-specialties such as cardiac- and neurointensive care will warrant separate study and practice remains to be determined. As a repository of and reference for current knowledge, textbooks face increasing and imposing limitations compared with the dynamic and virtually limitless information gateway available through the internet. Nonetheless, a central standard serves as a defining anchor from which students and their teachers can begin with a common understanding and vocabulary and thereby support their mutual professional advancement. Moreover, it permits perspective, punctuation and guidance to be superimposed by a thoughtful expert who is familiar with the expanding mass of medical information. 
Pediatric intensivists owe Drs. Wheeler, Wong, and Shanley a great debt for their work in authoring and editing this volume. Their effort was enormously ambitious, but matched to the discipline itself in depth, breadth, and vigor. The scientific basis of critical care is integrally woven with the details of bedside management throughout the work, providing both a satisfying rationale for current practice, as well as aclearer picture of where we can improve. The coverage of specialized areas such as intensive care of trauma victims and patients following congenital heart surgery make this a uniquely comprehensive text. The editors have assembled an outstanding collection of expert authors for this work. The large number of international 
contributors is striking, but speaks to the rapid growth of this specialty throughout the world. 
We hope that this volume will achieve a wide readership, thereby enhancing the exchange of current scientific and managerial knowledge for the care of critically ill children, and stimulating the student to seek answers to fill our obvious gaps in understanding

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