NMS Surgery Casebook Second Edition PDF download free

NMS Surgery Casebook Second Edition PDF download free

During our combined fi ve decades of work with medical students in their clinical years, they have stimulated us to think about how we can do a better job of teaching. Th e second edition of Surgery Casebook is one way of trying to attain that goal. Th e cases in this book represent how we, as experienced surgeons, think and make decisions about a clinical problem. We have attempted to write it in a way that allows us to talk to you as you read it, so that the book will be the next best thing to teaching in person.
The cases are organized into body systems, and they represent common presentations. The history and physical examination clues help you reach a diagnosis. Illustrations have been added and enhanced with color and are used liberally to help you detect visual clues. Clinical images are also used in abundance. Case variations are also presented to help you consider treatment of patients with various complications and coexisting conditions. An all-new pediatrics chapter has been added that covers common congenital anomalies.
This book is of use to third- and fourth-year medical students in their surgery rotation as well as interns and residents planning to enter the field of surgery. Using this book alone or in combination with NMS Surgery, sixth edition, will help you apply your knowledge to decision making in clinical situations and master all of the steps in managing a patient.

NMS Surgery Casebook Second Edition PDF download free

By (author): Bruce Jarrell MD

Ideal as a stand-alone review or as a companion to NMS Surgery, this highly practical casebook presents a series of surgical cases that begin with a clinical scenario and progress step by step through the decision-making process of patient management. It offers medical students a structured subject review, practice questions to prepare for the USMLE Step 2 exam, and an opportunity to work through clinical cases with a unique “what next” approach to decision making.

Updates include a new two-color design, “Deep Thoughts” and “Quick Cuts” text features that clearly call out high-yield information in every chapter, and an all-new chapter on pediatrics covering common congenital anomalies.  Clinical images and illustrations offer the opportunity to detect visual clues, and the new pocket-sized format makes it easy to carry and study anytime, anywhere. In addition, this title is packaged with access to the interactive eBook version at no additional cost!

  • Provides an excellent review for exams and an opportunity to practice real-world clinical decision making.
  • Features a new, two-color design and a handy new pocket-sized format.
  • Emphasizes high-yield information with easy-to-spot “Deep Thoughts” and “Quick Cuts” boxes throughout.
  • Contains a new pediatrics chapter that brings you up to date with common congenital anomalies.
  • Includes case variations so you can consider patients with complications or co-existing conditions.
  • Uses an extensive illustration program that provides opportunities to make patient management decisions based on visual cues.
  • The perfect companion to Jarrell’s NMS Surgery, 6th Edition.

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