Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice 2nd ed. 2016 Edition PDF

Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice 2nd ed. 2016 Edition
by Debra G.B. Leonard (Editor)

This authoritative textbook offers in-depth coverage of all aspects of molecular pathology practice and embodies the current standard in molecular testing. Since the successful first edition, new sections have been added on pharmacogenetics and genomics, while other sections have been revised and updated to reflect the rapid advances in the field. The result is a superb reference that encompasses molecular biology basics, genetics, inherited cancers, solid tumors, neoplastic hematopathology, infectious diseases, identity testing, HLA typing, laboratory management, genomics and proteomics. Throughout the text, emphasis is placed on the molecular variations being detected, the clinical usefulness of the tests and important clinical and laboratory issues.

The second edition of Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice will be an invaluable source of information for all practicing molecular pathologists and will also be of utility for other pathologists, clinical colleagues and trainees.

Today, molecular and genomic information is informing the patient care decisions in many, if not most, areas of healthcare. Clearly, cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment are driven largely by the molecular variants that drive the cancer and are the targets for new therapies. 
Medical genetics is moving beyond the classic single gene genetic disorders as we understand the genetic risk factors that drive the common chronic diseases that are costly to our healthcare system. While the clinical relevance of all areas of the human genome is not yet understood, our knowledge is growing rapidly and expanding well beyond the protein-coding genes to include many regulatory-coding regions, such as microRNAs and long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), in regions of the genome which used to be considered “junk.” For infectious diseases, we are beginning to understand not only the well-known and emerging infectious agents, but that health and disease also relates to the symbiotic relationship of each patient with their microbiomes. Finally, the technologies available to the clinical molecular laboratory have advanced so the genome of individual patients can be analyzed for clinical care, even resulting in the definition of genomic critical values, which are recommended to be reported any time an exome or genome is sequenced for clinical purposes. 
Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practiceaddresses all areas of clinical molecular pathology practice in a single textbook. This second edition has 12 new chapters, in addition to updates on the chapters from the first edition. The new chapters cover diseases not included in the first edition, plus two chapters on next-generation sequencing applications in genetics and cancer, and a proteomics chapter. The purpose of this textbook remains to provide a comprehensive reference for the practicing molecular pathologist as well as a resource for pathologists in any area of practice. The book also will continue to be used by training programs, both for Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and for Molecular Genetic Pathology trainees. This book is not meant to be a recipe book for clinical molecular tests, simply because the specifics of testing change quite rapidly in molecular pathology as new technologies emerge and are integrated into clinical molecular practice. Instead, the emphasis remains the molecular variants being detected for clinical purposes, the clinical usefulness of molecular test results, and the clinical and laboratory issues that require special attention. 
While this textbook focuses on molecular and genomic testing, with only a single chapter covering proteomics, the reader must understand that the genome does not drive all disease and health, but works in concert with the environment, the metabolome, the methylome, and other determinants of disease and health.

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Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice 2nd ed. 2016 Edition PDF Free

Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice 2nd ed. 2016 Edition PDF

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