The Medical Interview: The Three Function Approach 3e PDF

The Medical Interview: The Three Function Approach 3e PDF
by Steven A. Cole MD MA FAPA; Julian Bird MA (CANTAB) FRCP FRCPSYCH (Author)

The publication of the third edition of The Medical Interview: The Three-Function Approachis a milestone in the field it introduces: communication between practitioner and patient. Foremost, it is a classic educational book in the field, a leader in use for teaching student doctors, nurse practitioners, and others. In writing a new edition, Dr. Cole and colleagues have updated the book’s evidence base, advanced it conceptually, enhanced its practicality, and improved its likely teaching effectiveness. The third is the best edition yet.
When the first edition came out, the field of doctor-patient communications, as it was then called iatrocentrically, had emerged from its charismatic era into first rounds of theoretical and empirical research. This volume moves well beyond that to include an interdisciplinary perspective, a cogent crystallization of what learners need to know and understand, and inclusion of a behaviorally sophisticated yet brief method called Brief Action Planning to help activate patients to commit positively in their own care (i.e., to support patients’ self-management of their own health and illnesses). The addition as well of new chapters on specific situations such as health literacy challenges, dealing with bad news, managing chronic care, alcoholism, dealing with errors, and the like, further strengthen the potential curriculum based on this book. The book is now sufficiently strengthened to warrant its adoption for higher levels of learners and to be of interest to practitioners seeking new insight and clarity about their most important clinical tool.
The medical interview is the most important clinical tool available to health practitioners, for both personal and professional reasons. On the personal level, the interview is the task in medicine a practitioner will do the most often and spend the most time on from now until he or she retires. An average primary care practitioner may do between as many as 250,000 interviews in a professional lifetime of 40 years; therefore it is worth doing expertly, cogently, and efficiently.
Professionally the interview is the major medium of care. It determines the problems addressed and helped. It forms the doctor-patient relationship central to the satisfaction of both practitioner and patient. It determines knowledge of the life context of the illness, which may hold the secrets of etiology and healing. It is the medium of patient education about the illness, the diagnostic process, and the therapy. For all these reasons, the interview is well worth the attention of practitioners at every level, throughout a professional life time

The Medical Interview: The Three Function Approach 3e PDF

The Medical Interview: The Three Function Approach 2013 PDF

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The Medical Interview: The Three Function Approach 3e PDF

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