Manual of Pediatric Nephrology (2014)

Manual of Pediatric Nephrology (2014)

By Kishore D. Phadke, Paul Goodyer, Martin Bitzan

This manual will meet the everyday needs of the wide range of medical professionals who play a role in the treatment of children referred to hospital because of renal disease.

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It is an easy-to-use, portable guide that will assist pediatricians, residents, and trainees in making prompt first-level management decisions. It will also prove invaluable for the adult nephrologists who care for children in many developing countries, and will serve as a teaching guide for experts when training non-subspecialists.

Individual sections are devoted to the evaluation of renal disease; fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders; glomerular diseases; tubular disorders; congenital, inherited, and urological disorders; consequences of renal disease; and miscellaneous topics.

The text is in a bulleted format with tables and algorithms wherever possible, making it straightforward and easy to read. An appendix includes further important information such as normal values, drug dosages, and drug nephrotoxicity.

Download ebook Manual of Pediatric Nephrology (2014) pdf

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