Handbook of Acute Pain Management PDF Download

Handbook of Acute Pain Management PDF Download

Pain is a universal experience and is the most frequent reason people seek medical attention. Medical students and residents receive comprehensive guidance in the evaluation and diagnosis of the source of pain complaints, yet formal education on the topic of pain symptom management has not traditionally been offered in medical training, leaving many clinicians uncomfortable with providing treatment for pain. Pain can therefore become ‘‘painful’’ to the treating practitioner as well as the patient. This book is intended to assist clinicians who are called upon to treat the patient in acute pain by enhancing their knowledge of and comfort with pain therapies. The scope of providers who may be in a position to manage the acute pain patient is wide ranging, from medical students and residents to primary care providers, as well as anesthesiologists, neurologists, physiatrists, and other specialists.
This book will provide the reader with background information on the anatomy and neurobiology of pain to lay a foundation for the understanding of pain pathophysiology. Pharmacologic approaches to acute pain management are thoroughly covered, including the use of local anesthetics, NSAIDS, opioids, and a2 agonists. Patient-controlled analgesia options including patient-controlled epidural analgesia are also explored. Nonpharmacologic and interventional anesthetic techniques are covered, including the use of continuous catheter techniques for postoperative pain management. A chapter also reviews information about anticoagulation guidelines when considering the use of regional and neuraxial anesthetic techniques. Finally, a discussion of pain management issues in special populations such as pediatric, obstetric, trauma, opioid-tolerant, and elderly patients is provided.
The material in this book is intended to provide an up-to-date look at the emerging treatment strategies in the continuously expanding field of pain management and is accompanied by numerous figures and tables to give an at-a-glance review of important concepts discussed in the text. This text provides expanded information on topics such as opioids, including potential drug-drug and drug-disease interactions, which cannot readily be found in other similar texts currently on the market. It also highlights the evolution of new technologies such as ‘‘smart’’ patient-controlled analgesia devices along with associated safety innovations. Information on new developments in the field of regional anesthesia, especially the emergence of continuous
catheter techniques, is included to bring the reader up to date on the latest available injection-based therapies. My goal is that readers will find this book to be a user-friendly reference that addresses the most recent developments in the management of pain. I hope this will assist readers in the approach to the patient suffering acute pain and will enhance their level of comfort as well as that of their patients

Handbook of Acute Pain Management PDF Download

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