First Year First Aid: Your Baby First Aid Handbook

Download ebook First Year First Aid: Your Baby First Aid Handbook pdf

By (author): Michelle Fiddian

An empowering book for all new and expecting parents, covering emergency first aid in the first year of life. It gives easy-to-follow tips to remember for most accidents, as well as illnesses, so parents can be prepared for the most common emergencies that occur within the home. This book is an essential tool for every responsible parent! Knowing what to do in an emergency is a frightening topic, but this book is not scary.
Download ebook First Year First Aid: Your Baby First Aid Handbook pdf

First Year First Aid: Your Baby First Aid Handbook

It will dispel myths and enlighten. This book is designed with parents in mind, written by a parent who has a background in extensive first aid training and first-hand experience as a mother. The anecdotes, quotes and practical advice, written in a light manner, will make this book a pleasure to read – and the perfect gift! Michelle Fiddian has 13 years of industry experience: 6 years as a call-taker at the Triple Zero (000) Ambulance Service, 2 years as a first aid trainer for major organisations such as St John Ambulance, and 5 years running Little Aid since she started it in 2008.
Michelle’s previous experiences highlighted two problems: 1) even when first aid trained, people often don’t know how to deal with a paediatric situation. The most hysterical calls she received through Triple Zero were from parents of little ones. They were losing control and feeling helpless at a time that their child needed them most; 2) The first aid training available wasn’t relevant to babies and children.
Michelle started Little Aid first aid courses to address these problems, and the training focus has three key elements: empowerment, flexibility and fun! First Year First Aid has been written to accompany quality first aid training and has exactly the same focus.
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