Essential Guide to Blood Groups – 3rd Edition

Essential Guide to Blood Groups – 3rd Edition

Geoff Daniels, PhD, FRCPath
Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of Diagnostics IBGRL, Bristol Institute for Transfusion Services NHS Blood and Transplant Bristol, UK
Imelda Bromilow, MSc, CBiol
Scientific Consultant Liverpool, UK

A blood group could be defined as, ‘An inherited character of the red cell surface, detected by a specific alloantibody’. Do blood groups have to be present on red cells? This is the usual meaning, though platelet- and neutrophil-specific antigens might also be called blood groups.

Essential Guide to Blood Groups – 3rd Edition

In this book only red cell surface antigens are considered. Blood groups do not have to be red-cell specific, or even blood-cell specific, and most are also detected on other cell types. Blood groups do have to be detected by a specific antibody: polymorphisms suspected of being present on the red cell surface, but only detected by other means, such as DNA sequencing, are not blood groups. Furthermore, the antibodies must be alloantibodies, implying that some individuals lack the blood group

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