Esophageal Cancer: Principles and Practice 1st Edition PDF Download

Esophageal Cancer: Principles and Practice 1st Edition PDF Download
by Blair A. Jobe MD (Author), Thomas R. Charles MD (Author), Dr. John G. Hunter MD (Author)

Gastroesophageal cancers are the most common form of cancer incidents, and the second most common cause of death among cancer patients. In 2000, it was estimated that over one million new cases of gastroesophageal cancers were diagnosed worldwide, and over 900,000 individuals died from the disease.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Esophageal Cancer: Principles and Practice addresses the complexities encountered in the understanding and management of esophageal cancers. Written by the worldÃs leading experts in surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, gastroenterology, pathology, radiology, nutrition, nurse specialists, palliative medicine, and research relating to neoplasia of the esophagus, this text will serve as the definitive resource and enable practitioners to provide the best possible patient care. Presented in an accessible and useful format, this text is a valuable reference to all practitioners participating in the care of this high-needs population.

Special Features Include:

    Complete coverage of the two most common tumors: squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma
    In-depth coverage of uncommon tumors
    In-depth coverage of each topic with equal emphasis applied to both technical and multidisciplinary aspects of treatment
    In-depth treatment of non-surgical topics in management at different phases of the disease
    Wide-ranging attention to the diseaseÃs biologic aspects and basic science, contributing greatly to palliative care

Esophageal Cancer: Principles and Practice 1st Edition PDF Download

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