Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009th Edition PDF Download

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009th Edition PDF Download
by Marc D. Binder (Editor), Nobutaka Hirokawa (Editor), Uwe Windhorst (Editor)

This 5000-page masterwork is literally the last word on the topic and will be an essential resource for many. Unique in its breadth and detail, this encyclopedia offers a comprehensive and highly readable guide to a complex and fast-expanding field. The five-volume reference work gathers more than 10,000 entries, including in-depth essays by internationally known experts, and short keynotes explaining essential terms and phrases. In addition, expert editors contribute detailed introductory chapters to each of 43 topic fields ranging from the fundamentals of neuroscience to fascinating developments in the new, inter-disciplinary fields of Computational Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy. Some 1,000 multi-color illustrations enhance and expand the writings.

Neuroscience is a rapidly expanding endeavor devoted to unraveling the structure and function of the nervous system. It relies on, and keeps close relations to, a number of other disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine and philosophy. Indeed, many of its recent successes result from the application of ideas, concepts and methods borrowed from these fields. Thus, neuroscience has become the archetype for interdisciplinary undertakings. This convergence of influences accounts for part of its enormous attractiveness and fascination to students, researchers and lay persons from various walks of life or science. Many of neuroscience’s most creative and productive investigators have been lured into the field not only by the excitement inherent in the possibility of uncovering the secrets of the human mind, but by the appeal of venturing into a vast unknown land, requiring the development of new tools for its effective cultivation. Far from simply satisfying our intellectual curiosity, however, neuroscience has become ever more important as a theoretical ground for practical applications in medicine, in particular neurology, and other disciplines.

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009th Edition PDF Download

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009th Ebook

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009th Edition PDF Free Download

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009th Edition PDF Download

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