Download Vestibular Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition PDF

Download Vestibular Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition PDF
by Susan J. Herdman PT PhD FAPTA (Author)

A volume in the Contemporary Perspectives In Rehabilitation Series, edited by Steven L. Wolf, PhD, PT, FAPTA.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, Susan Herdman delivers the most current information available about the management of patients with vestibular disorders in her updated 3rd edition text. With an increased emphasis on evidence-based practice, PT students and practitioners will more clearly understand the scientific basis for successful treatment and readily relate the rationales to clinical practice.

The 3rd edition of Vestibular Rehabilitation! I never expected that the little black book published in 1994 would have multiple editions, much less that we would (or even could) provide a CD with the book to augment the written word with videos of patients. These videos have been chosen to provide the reader with examples of both normal and abnormal clinical tests, with visual examples of some of the exercises used in the treatment of BPPV and of vestibular hypofunction, and with examples of non-vestibular oculomotor and gait signs that
should help with differential diagnosis. As I reviewed a multitude of video clips of patients we made over the past 20 years, I found that I remembered these people and their individual personalities and problems. What a wonderful experience this has been and how thankful I am for everything they taught me. If I had only one person to thank, it would be the accumulation of all these people. Once again, we have extended the material presented to include several new chapters and have augmented the material presented in all the chapters to reflect changes in our understanding of management of vestibular disorders. The new chapters include management of persons with mal de débarquement syndrome, and persons with dizziness that is unrelated to the vestibular system such as disuse disequilibrium and central disorders.
The third new chapter presents new information about the mechanisms that underlie compensation for vestibular hypofunction. In addition to these new chapters, there are a number of new topics presented within different chapters such as differential diagnosis in BPPV to identify disorders that mimic BPPV, differentiation among Ménière’s, migraine, and motion sensitivity, and the role of chemical labyrinthectomy in the management of episodic vertigo

Download Vestibular Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition

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