Download Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics 5th PDF

Download Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics 5th PDF

by John A. Herring MD (Author)

This edition of Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics is the third to be written and edited by the staff of Texas Scot­tish Rite Hospital for Children. We are committed to the concept that this text should be the most comprehensive source for pediatric orthopaedic knowledge. We also con­tinue to believe that what is written should be based on the best available evidence whenever possible. With each edition, all relevant literature is reviewed as the text is updated. Because Level I and Level II evidence are infre­quently available, content must also be augmented by expert opinion.Our authors, who are leaders in many fields, base their opinions and recommendations on a very broad clinical experience in an academic environ­ment. As academic leaders, they regularly present their research nationally and internationally, teach at virtually all major conferences, and are broadly aware of the advances in pediatric orthopaedics.
What is a book, or a newspaper for that matter? As I began reading The New York Timeson my iPad, I realized that this newspaper, which formerly was black and white and silent, now is augmented with colorful slides, nar­ rated commentary, and extensive links to all sorts of other information. The same is true for this textbook. The two
print volumes contain the most frequently sought infor­mation. Our digital, or online, version contains all three volumes and presents comprehensive information in a variety of forms. There are 58 surgical videos, each a live procedure narrated by one of the true surgical experts in the field. Many readers of the previous edition have
shared with me that these are of great value to their surgi­cal care of patients.
This year we have added something new to ortho­paedic texts: a collection of narrated videos of patient examinations, demonstrating usual and unusual physical findings. We hope that these will enhance the reader’s ability to recognize various orthopaedic conditions. These may also be used to educate office staff, students, and co­workers about the pediatric orthopaedic physical examination. During the lifetime of this edition we may add other enhancements as well. After all, it is truly a new era in information technology, and we are putting this technology to its best educational use.
I would like to thank everyone who has made this edition possible. First, a large thank you goes to our medical and surgical staff for contributing time and effort in the preparation of the chapters. Our office per­sonnel, especially Phyllis Cuesta, Louise Hamilton, and Cindy Daniel, have handled all of the organizational work, compiled the bibliographies, and typed text to meet many deadlines, and we are very grateful. The people in our administration, especially Robert Walker and J.C. Montgomery, Jr., and our board of directors, led by the honorable Ambassador Lyndon Olson, have under­stood the importance of this work and supported it wholeheartedly. I would also like to thank our patients for all they have taught us and for helping us educate others about their conditions. Finally, I especially would like to thank our families, who have allowed us the time to complete the project and have been of great help along the way.

Continuing the tradition of excellence that began in 1972, this latest edition of Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics offers the detailed visual guidance; and unmatched expertise you need to effectively diagnose and treat pediatric musculoskeletal disorders. Extensive updates offer you the latest knowledge on etiology, imaging, differential diagnosis, and non-operative and surgical techniques for a wide range of pediatric orthopaedic conditions.

“… delivers the most comprehensive text on this subject.” Reviewed by Dr. Neel Kamal on behalf of BACCH Newsletter, March 2015

Access expert guidance on difficult diagnostic and clinical management issues for your most challenging cases.
Perfect your technique with the visual guidance of nearly 2,500 full-color illustrations and 60 videos of pediatric surgical procedures, including a number that highlight clinical examination and unusual clinical findings.
Produce the best possible outcomes using today’s most effective approaches for management of severe spinal deformities, hip impingement, early-onset scoliosis, and other pediatric musculoskeletal conditions.
See exactly how to proceed step-by-step with instructional videos demonstrating repair of bilateral dislocated hips, triple arthrodesis for planovalgus foot, patellofemoral ligament reconstruction, elbow arthroscopy, and more.


Download Tachdjian’s Pediatric Orthopaedics 5th PDF

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