Download Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine PDF free

Download Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine PDF free

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This book explains clearly and in detail all aspects of radiation protection in nuclear medicine, including measurement quantities and units, detectors and dosimeters, and radiation biology. Discussion of radiation doses to patients and to embryos, fetuses, and children forms a central part of the book. Phantom models, biokinetic models, calculations, and software solutions are all considered, and a further chapter is devoted to quality assurance and reference levels. Occupational exposure also receives detailed attention. Exposure resulting from the production, labeling, and injection of radiopharmaceuticals and from contact with patients is discussed and shielding calculations are explained. The book closes by considering exposure of the public and summarizing the “rules of thumb” for radiation protection in nuclear medicine. This is an ideal textbook for students and a ready source of useful information for nuclear medicine specialists and medical physics experts.
In nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals are administered to the patient either for
the production of diagnostic images (diagnostic nuclear medicine or molecular
imaging) or with the intention to treat using the emitted radiation from the radiopharmaceutical (nuclear medicine therapy). The most common way for administration is through an intravenous injection. The radiopharmaceutical is sometimes
swallowed by the patient. Alternatively, the patient may breathe a radioactive gas
or aerosol.
Impressive progresses have taken place within diagnostic nuclear medicine during the last few years. Diagnostic procedures are now more and more performed using PET/CT and SPECT/CT units. Especially the PET units require specific site
planning and shielding. In radionuclide therapy, still dominated by radioiodine therapy for thyreotoxicosis and thyroid cancer, there is also an increasing use of radionuclide-labeled monoclonal antibodies and peptides. At therapy, the activities are higher, and the radionuclides used are often different from those used in diagnostic nuclear medicine. They are usually beta emitters (sometimes also low-energy electron or alpha emitters) with longer physical and biological half-lives and therefore constitute a greater radiation protection problem. Therapy radionuclides may require different facilities than radionuclides used for diagnostic procedures, to ensure the safe preparation and administration of the radiopharmaceutical.
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