Download Problems in Breast Surgery: A Repair Manual 1 Har/Psc Edition PDF

Download Problems in Breast Surgery: A Repair Manual 1 Har/Psc Edition PDF
by Jack Fisher (Editor), Neal Handel (Editor)

When I was asked to write the foreword and to contribute a problem case for this book,the first question that came to mind was: “Do we need another book on breast surgery?” However, after seeing the title for the book: Problems in Breast Surgery: A Repair Manual,and learning more about the book’s unique format and approach, my skepticism was quickly converted to enthusiasm. What a brilliant idea! This is a project unlike any other that I have been involved with, and I predict that it will be a forerunner to other repair manuals in our specialty.
This book is the brainchild of Jack Fisher, whose passion for model trains and his years reading “repair manuals” inspired him to recognize the need for a repair manual in breast surgery—a problem-solving approach to the range of aesthetic and reconstructive challenges that we confront in our practices. Jack recruited Neal Handel, a highly respected and skilled plastic surgeon, to be his co-editor in this venture. I have known and have been great friends with Jack and Neal for a long time—Jack since he was a medical student at Emory, and Neal over the years as
I observed his growing career accomplishments. Jack is one of the most talented surgeons with whom I have been associated, because he is as comfortable in the operating room as he is talking with his patients. Neal combines decision-making skills with surgical expertise in dealing with difficult aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery problems. The combination of Jack and Neal is inspired. They have published and lectured extensively on this topic, and they are both innovative and skilled problem-solvers who command great respect for their achievements in plastic surgery. Drs. Fisher and Handel have organized this book to focus on common postoperative complications or suboptimal aesthetic outcomes encountered in aesthetic and
reconstructive breast surgery. They cover a broad range of problems that are familiar to all surgeons who operate on the breast—from periprosthetic infection, capsular contracture, and synmastia to upper pole deficiency, recurrent ptosis, implant and expander malposition, necrosis, and deformities after lumpectomy, radiation, and breast reconstruction. The editors have wisely selected a world-renowned
group of expert contributors who share their problem-solving skills, and they have challenged these contributors to present a variety of different solutions to specific problems. The format for each chapter is conducive to this problem-solving approach. Each case begins with apresentation of a problem and a discussion of ix
Foreword xhow this unsatisfactory result or complication occurred and what caused it. Next, a full analysis of the patient’s situation, a discussion of the solution, the surgical plan, and a technical description of how this solution was executed according to plan is presented. Finally, the results are demonstrated along with a full and critical evaluation.
This manual isn’t just for the trainee; it is for all surgeons who operate on the female breast. Even those of us who feel we are “experts” who can handle any problem, have a lot to learn from this book, because there are often various solutions to a problem, yet the best solution often depends on the individual patient.
The quality of production and the many high-quality photos and illustrations are typical of the great work that Quality Medical Publishing does, and the consistent format throughout each case makes this publication an ideal teaching tool and a pleasure to read. In short, this is an amazing and innovative book that takes surgical education to the next level beyond the standard textbook. I am confident that readers will easily recognize similar cases that they have encountered and will be able to apply the lessons they learn to future patients, making this “repair manual” a constant companion for anyone performing breast surgery

Problems in Breast Surgery: A Repair Manual is destined to become a valued part of every plastic surgeon and breast surgeon’s library. This unique book provides a virtual lifeline for addressing the challenges encountered in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery and avoiding possible problems and complications. This is not a traditional technique-oriented textbook; rather, it has a problem focus and provides different solutions for solving complex problems associated with secondary breast surgery.

The book begins with chapters on the basic principles of corrective breast surgery and the key anatomic factors and mechanisms of failure that are key to accurate analysis. With this foundation in place, it proceeds to address the spectrum of potential problems that can occur with each of the different procedures, ranging from breast augmentation, reduction, and mastopexy to breast and nipple-areola reconstruction. Each chapter is introduced with a specific problem presented by Drs. Fisher and Handel. Then the second portion of the chapter features a variety of solutions from different experts for treating the problem. These experts provide case examples of similar problems with a step-by-step explanation of how they solved these problems and why they took the approach that they used. The book covers both aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

The goal of this text is not to judge which solution is the best (that decision is left to the reader). Rather, it is designed to provide a detailed road map explaining how to move from point A, the problem, to point B, the solution.

Beautifully Illustrated
Dramatic color illustrations and numerous preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative images help readers visualize the steps of each operative solution.

Unique Features
This book’s approach is unique and should be of great educational value to surgeons―both residents and practitioners―in solving challenging problems and complications. Even more important, it will help them avoid problems and complications in future cases.


Download Problems in Breast Surgery: A Repair Manual 1 Har/Psc Edition PDF

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