Download Pleural Disease, Second Edition PDF Free

Download Pleural Disease, Second Edition (Lung Biology in Health and Disease) 2nd Edition

by Demosthenes Bouros (Editor)

Updated to reflect the latest scientific advances and technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of pleural diseases, this new Second Edition explores the structure and function of these diseases and malignancies, from tuberculosis and asbestos to pleurisy and pneumothorax. Edited by leading international authorities in pulmonary medicine, this comprehensive guide is an invaluable resource for pulmonologists, radiologists, and critical care physicians.

Pleural Disease, Second Edition highlights:

molecular and diagnostic approaches
interventional applications, including pleural thoracentesis and closed biopsy, chest tube insertion, pleural lavage, medical thoracoscopy, and VATS
biomarkers and proteomics
translational medicine approaches, new treatment methodologies, and clinical manifestations
various diagnostic tests and the importance of clinical evaluation in the differential diagnosis of a pleural effusion
new surgical and non-surgical techniques to identify and diagnose pleural diseases, including: medical thoracoscopy, pleural lavage, intrapleural fibrinolytics, image-guided
small bore catheters, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS), pleuroperitoneal shunt, and extrapleural pneumonectomy


Download Pleural Disease, Second Edition (Lung Biology in Health and Disease) 2nd Edition

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