Download Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery 2013th Edition PDF

Download Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery 2013th Edition PDF
by Cicero Urban (Editor), Mario Rietjens (Editor)

Techniques of formal breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer were introducedmore than four decades ago. Initial methods involved simple placement of a silicone implant at the site of mastectomy and echoed early techniques for augmentation mammoplasty, which were first reported at the beginning of the 1960s. These implant-only based reconstructions yielded poor cosmetic results, which would be deemed unacceptable when judged by contemporary standards. The 1970s and 1980s witnessed significant advances in breast reconstruction with the development of myocutaneous flaps, which were either pedicled (latissimus dorsi and TRAM) or free flaps. A variety of tissue expanders with a range of shapes and sizes also became available during this period, which could be employed alone or in conjunction with autologous tissue transfer to achieve not only symmetry ofvolume but also a degree of ptosis. Nonetheless, cosmetic results from breast reconstruction remained modest and this was attributable to innate limitations of prosthetic material coupled with a shortage of appropriately trained surgical personnel who could undertake these more complex techniques involving myocutaneous flaps. Indeed, such methods were offered and regularly carried out in only a few specialised centres. Capsular contracture was a particular problem with implant-based reconstructions and invariably caused distortion and displacement of silicone implants, which precluded satisfactory longer term results. Throughout the 1990s, surgical techniques were refined and standardized, thus permitting some degree of consensus on the optimum choice of reconstruction after various types of oncological surgery. The latter had generally become more conservative with less mutilating excisions


Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery combines the most up-to-date techniques in plastic surgery with surgery for breast cancer, providing optimal oncologic and aesthetic results by means of a single procedure. This book demonstrates why oncoplastic surgery represents such an exciting tool for surgeons who undertake breast surgery. Fundamental principles and basic concepts are clearly outlined, and diverse techniques are presented by acknowledged experts from across the world. The emphasis is very much on a “how to do” approach, with detailed guidance and advice on the various techniques. The informative text is supported by a wealth of color illustrations, and accompanying videos of procedures are available via the publisher’s website. Reconstructive Breast Cancer Surgery will serve as an ideal reference work that will help surgical fellows and specialists to learn about indications and selection of patients, to master technical skills, and to manage complications effectively.

Download Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery 2013th Edition PDF

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