Download Oncology at a Glance 2013 PDF

Download Oncology at a Glance 2013 [PDF]
by Graham G. Dark (Author)

This brand new title in the market-leading at a Glance series brings together fundamental information on cancer biology and treatment to provide a holistic understanding of oncology. It explores both relevant scientific content and key human issues, including communication and palliative care.

Oncology at a Glance:

• Provides an accessible overview of the scientific foundation of cancer medicine
• Covers the common cancers as well as key information on presentation and approaches to investigation and management
• Includes young adult oncology, the multidisciplinary team, clinical trials in oncology, approach to treatment and response assessment, management of nausea, and end-of-life care
• Was developed with students for students, to ensure it contains exactly what students need to know

Oncology at a Glance is an ideal guide for medical students and foundation-year doctors as well as any other healthcare professionals looking to consolidate their knowledge of oncology.


Oncology is a discipline that embraces a number of scientific fields. It is at the cutting edge of technology with regard to developments in therapeutic approaches. It is a stimulating and intellectual challenge to not only deliver the therapies of today but also to research and develop the treatments of tomorrow. Research is embedded within the specialties and reflects the origins within academic departments. The delivery of high-quality chemotherapy and radiotherapy services is an important political target and there has been considerable financial investment by the government in expanding cancer services in the UK.For the undergraduate medical student oncology can be overwhelming, and often the exposure to patients with cancer can be quite fragmented in the undergraduate curriculum. Most student rotations will focus on the diagnostic processes as patients with cancer present to general medical and surgical firms, possibly as acute admissions or via outpatients with a variety of presenting symptoms. Other schools will provide specific rotations in the oncology department and this text is to provide the core knowledge to underpin such a learning experience.
The clinical practice of oncology is the application of a foundation of sciences, including: anatomy, to interpret radiological imaging; physiology, for the impact of a multisystem disease; pharmacology, to design, deliver and monitor systemic anticancer treatments; molecular biology, for the development of viable targets of therapy and to understand the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, genetic risk and resistance to therapy; cell biology, the process of metastasis, vascular invasion and microenvironment of the tumour and how this can affect outcome and approaches to therapy; pathology, to recognise the features of a disease that can affect all systems of the body.

Download Oncology at a Glance 2013 PDF

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