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Neck and Internal Organs (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy)

Neck and Internal Organs (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy) (Paperback)
By (author): Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, Lawrence M Ross, Edward D Lamperti, Markus Voll

Type: PDF

Page: 385 page


Neck and Internal Organs (THIEME Atlas of Anatomy)
Setting a new standard for the study of anatomy, the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, with access to PLUS, is more than a collection of anatomical images – it is an indispensable resource for anyone who works with the human body.

Praise for the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Neck and Internal Organs:

Schematic drawings of muscles show origins and insertions as vector strands that have the effect of delineating different parts of muscles and their functions. Lymphatics are emphasized in all regions and the coverage is excellent. – American Association of Anatomists News


An innovative, user-friendly format in which each two-page spread presents a self-contained guide to a specific topic
950 original, full-color illustrations present anatomical information layer-by-layer, moving from spaces, to organs, to blood vessels, the lymphatic system, and autonomous innervation with unprecedented clarity
Hundreds of clinical applications emphasize the vital link between anatomical structure and function
Expertly rendered cross-sections, x-rays, and CT and MRI scans vividly demonstrate clinical anatomy
Clearly labeled images help the reader easily identify each structure
Summary tables appear throughout – ideal for rapid review
A scratch-off code provides access to PLUS, featuring over 600 full-color anatomy illustrations and radiographs, labels-on, labels-off functionality, and timed self-tests
The THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series also features General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System and Head and Neuroanatomy. Each atlas is available in softcover and hardcover and includes access to PLUS.

Use the Neck and Internal Organs Image Collection to enhance your lectures and presentations; illustrations can be easily imported into presentation software and viewed with or without labeling.

Teaching anatomy? We have the educational e-product you need.

Instructors can use the Thieme Teaching Assistant: Anatomy to download and easily import 2,000+ full-color illustrations to enhance presentations, course materials, and handouts

Our errthusiasm for the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy began when each  of us, independently, saw preliminary material from this Atlas. Both of us corrtinue to be captivated by the new approach, the conceptual  organization, and by the stunning quality and detail of the images of the Atlas. We were delighted by the ongoing opportunity provided by the editors at Thieme to cooperate with them in making this outstanding esource available to our students and colleagues in North America. As consulting editors we were asked to review, for accuracy, the English edition of the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy. Our work involved a conversion of nomenclature to tem1s in common usage and some organizational changes to reflect pedagogical approaches in anatomy programs in North America. This task was eased greatly by the dear organization of the original text. In all of this, we have tried diligerrtly to remain faithful to the irrtentions and insights of the original authors. We extend our special thanks to Brian R. MacPherson, Ph. D. for his timely assistance in the role of a Consulting Editor during the emergency illness of one editor (LMR). We would like to thank the team at Thieme Medical Publishers who worked with us: Kelly Wright, Developmental Editor, and Cathrin E.
Schulz M.D., Executive Editor, for checking and correcting our work and for their constarrt availability and encouragemerrt.
We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Stefanie Langner, Production Manager, for preparing this volume with care and speed. lawrence M. Ross, Edward D. lamperti
As it started planning this Atlas, the publisher sought out the opinions and needs of students and lecturers in both the United States and
Europe. The goal was to find out what the “ideal” atlas of anatomy should be-ideal for students wanting to learn from the atlas, master the extensive amounts of infom1ation while on a busy dass schedule, and, in the process, acquire sound, up-to-date knowledge. The result of this work is this Atlas. The THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, unlike most other atlases, is a comprehensive educational tool that combines illustrations with explanatory text and summarizing tables, introducing clinical applications throughout, and presenting anatomical concepts in a step-by-step sequence that allows for the integration of both system·
by-system and topographical views.
Since the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy is based on a fresh approach to the underlying subject matter itself, it was necessary to create for it an errtirely new set of illustrations-a task that took eight years. Our goal was to provide illustrations that would compellingly demonstrate anatomical relations and concepts, revealing the underlying simplicity of the logic and order of human anatomy without sacrifidng detail or aesthetics.
With the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy, it was our intention to create an atlas that would guide students in their initial study of anatomy, stimulate their enthusiasm for this irrtriguing and vitally important subject, and provide a reliable reference for experienced students and professionals alike.
“If you want to attuin the possible, you must atrempt the impossible”
(Rabindranath Tagore).
Michael Schunke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher,
Markus Voll, and Karl Wesker


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