Download Nasopharyngeal Cancer: Multidisciplinary Management (Medical Radiology) PDF

Download Nasopharyngeal Cancer: Multidisciplinary Management (Medical Radiology) PDF
by Jiade J. Lu (Editor), Jay S. Cooper (Editor), Anne W. M. Lee (Editor)

Nasopharyngeal Cancer – Multidisciplinary Management provides a comprehensive account of the current state of knowledge on nasopharyngeal cancer and its multidisciplinary management. The first ten chapters document contain essential background information on subjects such as epidemiology, pathogenesis, molecular biology, pathology, and the use of imaging in diagnosis and staging. Subsequently, the various treatment options and combinations in a range of settings are examined in depth. Detailed attention is given to the roles of concurrent, adjuvant, and neoadjuvant chemotherapy and advanced radiotherapy techniques. Further chapters then explore surgical treatment, follow-up, treatment of metastatic disease, treatment-related complications, and nasopharyngeal cancer in children. This is an important book that will prove essential reading for the radiation oncology community worldwide and meet the need for substantial improvements in knowledge of modern techniques.

Carcinomas of the nasopharynx represent a relatively uncommon disease process in Western countries, but are more frequently diagnosed as a head and neck malignancy in Southeast Asia. Most of these tumors are epithelial in origin. The nonkeratinizing, poorly or undifferentiated squamous cell carcinomas are the more commonly diagnosed pathologies in Asia, accounting for almost 95% of all cases. However, 75% of cases are 
World Health Organization Type 1 in North America, whereas those in Southeast Asia are Types 2 and 3. Radiation therapy is the primary treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinomas, and since these tumors tend to present with regional metastasis, combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy is commonly pursued. This is particularly appropriate in patients who have locally advanced disease.This book, edited by Lu, Cooper, and Lee, discusses the recommendations for diagnosis and staging procedures for nasopharyngeal cancer, staging systems and prognostic factors, and management using radiation therapy for early-stage disease and combined treatment modalities with radiation and cytotoxic chemotherapy for more advanced disease. The supporting scientific evidence clearly indicates that these are the appropriate approaches for the treatment of carcinomas of the nasopharynx.
The volume also deals in detail with techniques of radiation therapy, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy, and outlines appropriate follow-up care and surveillance for those individuals who survive.Even though nasopharyngeal cancer represents a relatively uncommon tumor in the Western world, it is a common tumor in Southeast Asia and the book by Lu, Cooper, and Lee constitutes a landmark volume identifying the appropriate approaches for the management of this disease process.

Download Nasopharyngeal Cancer: Multidisciplinary Management (Medical Radiology) PDF

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