Download Musculoskeletal Assessment: Joint Motion and Muscle Testing (Musculoskeletal Assesment) 3rd Edition PDF

Download Musculoskeletal Assessment: Joint Motion and Muscle Testing (Musculoskeletal Assesment) 3rd Edition PDF
by Hazel M. Clarkson M.A. B.P.T. (Author)

Completely revised and updated, the Third Edition offers a student-friendly approach to muscle assessment, presenting the principles and methodology of assessing both joint range of motion (ROM)/goniometry and manual muscle strength for the head, neck, trunk, and extremities. Each chapter is devoted to a separate anatomical region and provides knowledge of pertinent surface anatomy and deep anatomy. Excellent photography and illustrations enhance comprehension of techniques and serve as a self-learning tool.

New to This Edition
Some of the more signifi cant additions to the third edition include the following.Practical testing forms for the assessment and measurement of joint range of motion (ROM), muscle length, and assessment of muscle strength are found on this book’s companion. These forms list the criteria for each assessment and measurement technique in a chart/checklist format. Judging from my teaching experience, these forms will be an invaluable tool for students to become proficient in the clinical assessment and measurement techniques, allow for evaluation of student proficiency, and serve as a handy review. Practice Makes Perfect icons appear next to clinical assessment and measurement techniques throughout the textbook to cross-reference the corresponding online practical testing forms. (For information on other ancillary materials available with this text, see section on “Additional Resources” in this preface.)
Further noteworthy additions to the third edition include more in-depth reviews of articulations, arthrokinematics, the SFTR method, and illustration of normal and reverse scapulohumeral rhythm resulting from restricted glenohumeral joint ROM. Normal ranges of motion are now emphasized in red font in the text. New techniques are described and illustrated to measure active range of motion (AROM) of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) using the ruler and calipers, and the spine using the tape measure, standard inclinometers, the Cervical Rangeof-Motion Instrument (CROM), and the universal goniometer. For the assessment and measurement of muscle length, muscle origins and insertions are included with each procedure. A more concise description of grading muscle strength is presented. A new chart of patient positioning for the assessment and measurement of joint ROM, muscle length, and muscle strength is added as 
Appendix C.
Many new photographs and illustrations augment the written text. Of special note are unique illustrations of the measurement of joint passive range of motion (PROM) showing the universal goniometer and therapist’s hand positions in relation to the deep anatomy, and those of the noncontractile normal limiting factors (NLF) that limit movement. Illustrations of the deep bony anatomy that accompany the photographs of surface anatomy are also new

Download Musculoskeletal Assessment: Joint Motion and Muscle Testing (Musculoskeletal Assesment) 3rd Edition PDF

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