Download MRI of the Upper Extremity: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand PDF

Download MRI of the Upper Extremity: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand PDF
by Christine B. Chung MD (Editor), Lynne S. Steinbach MD (Editor)

MRI of the Upper Extremity is a complete guide to MRI evaluation of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and finger disorders. This highly illustrated text/atlas presents a practical approach to MRI interpretation, emphasizing the clinical correlations of imaging findings. More than 1,100 MRI scans show normal anatomy and pathologic findings, and a full-color cadaveric atlas familiarizes readers with anatomic structures seen on MR images.

Coverage of each joint begins with a review of MRI anatomy with cadaveric correlation and proceeds to technical MR imaging considerations and clinical assessment. Subsequent chapters thoroughly describe and illustrate MRI findings for specific disorders, including rotator cuff disease, nerve entrapment syndromes, osteochondral bodies, and triangular fibrocartilage disorders.

At its initial inception this project was intended to expand upon the work of Steinbach, et al, in Shoulder Magnetic Resonance Imaging, broadening the focus to include an articular-based approach to MR imaging inthe upper extremity. To a large degree, the decision to
include the elbow, wrist and fingers within the scope of this work was anchored in the realization that the historical underrepresentation of these exams within our clinical practices has changed remarkably in the recent past.
The demand for technically sound MR imaging studies, accurate diagnoses and detailed characterization of pathology in these regions has increased and obligates the radiologist to commensurately establish and or expand their familiarity with these joints.
This text begins with an atlas that correlates MR imaging, and in some cases MR arthrography, with sectional anatomic specimen photographs and emphasizes a theme that has been well-established by Dr. Donald Resnick, the guru of musculoskeletal radiology and an invaluable mentor to both authors. This theme, of course, is that one must have a detailed understanding of normal anatomy before pathology can be detected and characterized. ‘‘Yet, the radiograph is but a mirror and its image a reflection of the underlying anatomy and pathology’’ according to Donald Resnick in his preface to Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders, First Edition. In the setting of MR imaging, perhaps the mirror has become a window through which we look into joints and even tissues to characterize anatomy and subsequently pathology. The production of this atlas was a labor of the love of anatomy for the authors and illustrator of this text, and a labor that reaped the benefit of the ownership of this knowledge. We consider this an empowering benefit, and one that we hope you will share with us.
While this is an MR imaging text that highlights the basics as well as the most up-to-date concepts regarding the upper extremity joints, the reader will frequently encounter radiographic and computed tomographic correlation, as well as dialogue with respect to the role of MR imaging versus other imaging methods in the evaluation of pathologic entities. Both authors recognize the importance of MR imaging in our musculoskeletal practices, but in no way want to lessen the impact and importance of radiographic evaluation. While the interpretation of radiographs is not considered as glamorous as MR imaging evaluation, the authors maintain that the former requires more expertise when done well, and offers invaluable additional information when interpreting MR imaging studies. Indeed, we often advise our residents that MR imaging can be an important tool toenhance plain film interpretation! While the majority of this text has been written by the editors, the contributing authors and the illustrator of the text have provided the highest level of expertise and quality of information. The process of writing this book and editing the contributions of our colleagues was an educational experience that broadly expanded our
knowledge base. We hope that this text will become not only an important reference, but provide a valuable foundation from which the reader can base their clinical practice and further intellectual discovery

Download MRI of the Upper Extremity: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand PDF

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