Download Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications, 11th Edition 2015 PDF Free

Download Human Genetics 11th Edition 2015 PDF Free
by Ricki Lewis (Author)

Genetics is the study of inherited traits and their variation. Sometimes people confuse genetics with genealogy, which considers relationships but not traits. Because some genetic tests can predict illness, genetics has also been compared to fortune-telling.
However, genetics is a life science. Heredity is the transmission of traits and biological information between generations, and genetics is the study of how traits are transmitted. Inherited traits range from obvious physical characteristics, such as the freckles and red hair of the young man in figure 1.1, to many aspects of health, including disease. Talents, quirks, personality traits, and other difficult-to-define characteristics might appear to be inherited if they affect several family members, but may reflect a combination of genetic and environmental influences.Attributing some behavioral traits to genetics, such as sense of humor, fondness for sports, and whether or not one votes, are oversimplifications. Over the past few years, genetics has exploded from a mostly academic discipline and a minor medical specialty dealing mostly with very rare diseases, to a part of everyday discussion. Personal genetic information is accessible and we are learning the contribution of genes to the most common traits and disorders. Many physicians are taking continuing medical education courses to learn how to integrate genetic and genomic testing into clinical practice. Like all sciences, genetics has its own vocabulary. Many terms may be familiar, but actually have precise technical definitions. “It’s in her DNA,” for example, usually means an inborn trait, not a specific DNA sequence. This chapter introduces terms and concepts that are explained in detail in subsequent chapters


Download Human Genetics 11th Edition 2015 PDF Free

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