Download Handbook of Neurological Therapy 2015 PDF Free

Download Handbook of Neurological Therapy 2015 PDF Free
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When most of us chose neurology as their specialty (in the 1960s through the 1980s), this was interpreted as a sign of courage by the other newly qualified physicians. Neurology was seen as a fascinating and intellectual exercise in terms of diagnostic approach but also a Cinderellastory in terms of therapeutic possibilities. Luckily, the situation has dramatically changed since then, with a plethora of effective pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments for several of the most common neurological diseases.Striking examples of these new therapies are the newer dopaminergic medications and deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, thrombolytics for acute ischemic stroke, interferons and other imunotherapies for multiple sclerosis, the new-generation antiepileptic drugs, and the triptans for migraine.
We always thought a volume like this would be timely and necessary. But we were also aware that one editor could not do the book alone, because the complexity of data has become too much for any neurologist to master. Thus, an internal collection of editors, from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, with very different expertise on the treatment of neurological disorders, have come together to undertake this much-needed manual. Neurology has continued to evolve into so many different subspecialties, such that no adult neurologist can reasonably possess in-depth expertise in all areas, particularly in dealing with complex cases. Hence, we have asked for further help from more than forty international authors, who have been chosen for being opinion leaders in their respective fields. We are very grateful to all of them, for the enthusiasm and hard work they have instilled in writing their sections. This approach has also helped in shaping a book that is a truly international guide on how to treat neurological disorders.
The book is directed mainly to neurology specialists and residents, but we also believe that other physicians, such as neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, internists, pediatricians, and physical medicine specialists, will find it useful. The book has a practical approach; it was not meant to be kept on a bookshelf but rather to have it at hand when seeing patients in the ward, the outpatient clinic, or the emergency department. Our goal in preparing this book was to focus on the treatment of the main neurological conditions and to discuss the neurological therapy of adults. As a consequence, some rare neurological disorders (e.g., most of the early-onset inherited neurometabolic disorders) have not been discussed. For those conditions, we recommend any of the recent textbooks on neuropediatrics.Each chapter has a consistent format: after an initial brief introduction on the main clinical features of each disease, the focus on therapy is then presented. The book 
offers detailed coverage of every available treatment option for each neurological disorder and includescategorized sections on medical management, surgical therapy, 
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and neurorehabilitation. The use of tables and figures (including practical flowcharts) has been strongly implemented. We have decided to allocate more space to common conditions, especially on those in which there is more to discuss about symptomatic therapy (e.g., acute ischemic stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and myasthenia and related disorders). An evidence-based approach has been used as a first step, but when we found no clear-cut evidence or the data were inconclusive (as occurs frequently in evidence-based medicine), an expert opinion has been given. This is a practical handbook that should always give concise and updated answers to busy practicing clinicians, so no chapter will conclude that more work has to be done before deciding that a treatment is effective! Key references have been added as suggested readings at the end of each chapter, without being directly cited in the text. These are general references, mainly consisting of recent European or North American guidelines or reviews from known opinion leaders.
We really hope to have met the initial aim of this volume; describing the advances in clinical neurology and the neurosciences and their impact on the understanding of neurological disorders, while providing practical output on patient care.

Download Handbook of Neurological Therapy 2015 PDF Free

Handbook of Neurological Therapy 2015 PDF Free Download

Download Handbook of Neurological Therapy 2015 PDF 

Download Handbook of Neurological Therapy 2015 PDF Free

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