Download Handbook of Clinical Audiology 7th Edition 2014 PDF

Download Handbook of Clinical Audiology 7th Edition 2014 PDF
by Jack Katz PhD (Author)

Prepare your graduate students for their careers in audiology with Katz’s Handbook of Clinical Audiology, Seventh Edition. This go-to resource was developed by an unsurpassed team of editors and authors, whose expertise in research and clinical practice spans all core areas of clinical audiology.
Packed with new research, relevant case studies, and today’s best practices, the Seventh Edition has been extensively revised and updated throughout and features six all-new chapters, updated research, a streamlined table of contents, and new online teaching and learning resources to save you time and help your students succeed.
Instructor Resources:
NEW! A Test Bank with 460 questions to make creating exams faster and easier
NEW! Chapter by chapter image bank containing over 340 images great for creating personalized course material.
Student Resources:
NEW! On-line case studies that bring audiology concepts to life.
Expanded References and Additional Readings that facilitate further exploration of topics of interest.
eBook available for purchase

In the previous edition of the Handbook the foreword was written by Moe Bergman, a distinguished gentleman with many years of audiology behind him. Moe Bergman, Ed.D., was in the very first group of audiologists who began this discipline more than 70 years ago. Starting prior to World War 
II and for decades following, Dr. Bergman was a clinician, administrator, professor, researcher, and writer, and after he retired from Hunter College in New York City, he went to Israel to establish audiology as a profession there. He is considered as the Father of Audiology in Israel. For many years, 
Dr. Bergman has continued to be active as an advisor and an officer in international professional organizations. His clarity about the events and developments so many years ago (see Bergman, 2002) makes him a treasured link to our roots. 
This edition is dedicated to Raymond Carhart, “The Father of Audiology.” We are delighted to have the book’s dedication and foreword discussing Dr. Carhart; written 
by Laura Ann Wilber a former student of his and a distinguished audiologist in her own right. Dr. Carhart was her dissertation advisor and she worked with him and Tom Tillman to develop what later became the NU-6 word recognition test. When Laura Wilber earned her Ph.D. there were few women who wereeducated at that level in audiology and many people felt that it was a male profession. So Dr. Carhart’s acceptance of her and clearing a path for her was especially important

Download Handbook of Clinical Audiology 7th Edition 2014 PDF

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