Download Hair Growth and Disorders 2008th Edition PDF

Download Hair Growth and Disorders 2008th Edition PDF
by Ulrike Blume-Peytavi (Editor), David A. Whiting (Editor), Ralph M. Trüeb (Editor)

Hair disorders have become a central social and psychological issue and patients now have increasing demands and expectations. Written by world-renowned experts, this lavishly illustrated book provides the latest scientific aspects of hair biology, up to date knowledge on hair diagnosis and treatment options as well as hair removal and restoration techniques. The content is divided into three sections: basic aspects of hair growth; hair and scalp disorders; and fotoepilation, surgery and hair cosmetics. In addition, coverage is enhanced with unique sections on hair in different ages and in art, on ethnic hair and in forensic investigations.

This textbook is testament to that interest, and contains the latest advances and scientific knowledge from the world’s leading experts in hair biology and clinical trichology. In particular it covers pigmentation, genetics,  hair  diagnostics,  pathogenesis  and treatment options,  hair  removal  and  restoration  techniques.  Moreover, this textbook contains unique sections on tropical dermatoses  of  the  scalp,  ethnic  hair  and  the impact of  hair  in  forensic  investigations.  The  book  contains  a chapter  devoted  to natural  products  for  hair  care  and treatment, as well as a chapter describing hair over the ages  and  in  art.  Also,  for  the  first  time,  this  textbook presents a comprehensive chapter on psychocutaneous disorders of the hair and scalp

Download Hair Growth and Disorders 2008th Edition PDF

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