Download First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards 2016 PDF

Download First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boards 2016 PDF
by Barbara K. Blok (Author), Dickson S. Cheung (Author), Timothy F. Platts-Mills (Author)


· A thorough and user-friendly review of the most frequently test topics
· NEW! Review questions at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge
· NEW! Vibrant full-color photographs
· Insider tips and study strategies to maximize your study time and improve your performance
· Integrated vignette Q&As prepare you for what you will see on exam day
· Hundreds of high-yield tables, diagrams, and illustrations
· Key Facts in the margins reinforce must-know information
· Mnemonics make learning and memorization fast, fun, and easy
· Great for in-training examination preparation, certification, and as a refresher for certification

Passing the emergency medicine written certi cation examination is an important milestone in the process o becoming a board-certi ed emergency physician. The written exam, ormerly called the Written Certi cation Examination and now re erred to by the American Board o Emergency Medicine (ABEM) as the “Quali ying Examination,” is used to identi y candidates who are ready to take the oral exam, the nal step in becoming board certi ed. The Quali ying Examination measures core knowledge, and, to many who must take it, it is an intimidatinghurdle. Every year approximately 10% o examinees ail the test and must retake it the ollowing year.Given that many test takers are completing their residency and may be moving to start a new job in the months leading up to the test, it is clear that there is a need or a ocused, easy-to-use review book to help them prepare.
First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Board sis such a book. The First Aid series is based on the idea that people who have recently prepared or and taken the test know best how to teach others to study or it. We have drawn
on the experience o 26 individual chapter authors and nearly as many senior reviewers, integrating clinical experience, in ormation rom existing review books, and the ABEM practice questions to create a book designed to
improve your score on the Quali ying Examination. First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Boardscontains dozens o challenging cases (“minicases”) and rein orces important in ormation in highlighted “key acts” and “mnemonics.” Filled with tables and gures, it presents key ndings and must-know in ormation in a clear, concise, and highly accessible ormat that makes it easy to recall both on test day and in the emergency department.
The Qualiying Examination consists o approximately 305 questions. Candidates are given six-and-a-hal hours o time to complete the test. All questions are the multiple choice, single-best-answertype. You will be presented with a case scenario and a question, ollowed by ve answer options. Approximately 10% o the questions include a gure (radiograph, photograph, ECG, rhythm strip, or ultrasound image). There are no penalties or wrong answers, so i
yound a question u n an swerable, m ake you r best gu ess an d m ove on . C an didates wh o ach ieve a score o 75%
or higher pass.
The exam is given in the all o each year at one o 200 PearsonVUE pro essional computer-based testing centers. Test locations can be ound by selecting “Locate a Test Center” on In ormation on registration, ees, and test composition can be obtained rom the ABEM website, content is de ned by ABEM’s Model o the Clinical Practice o Emergency Medicine (EM Model). The table lists the relative weight given to di erent elements o the exam. A minimum o 8% o the questions involve pediatrics cases, and a minimum o 4% o the questions involve geriatrics cases.


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