Download Fast Facts: Osteoarthritis PDF

Download Fast Facts: Osteoarthritis PDF

by Philip Conaghan

Osteoarthritis is an increasingly common problem in our community. Many individuals with arthritis are affected by pain, stiffness, or some loss of function, and are dealing with a disease that is long-lasting. We (the authors) strongly believe that the crux of any successful treatment is empowering patients with the knowledge and skills they need to help themselves. This kind of self-management approach to treating osteoarthritis is what we want to encourage the readers of this book to take up. It means actively taking charge of your own health by knowing as much as you can about osteoarthritis, and finding out how it can be best managed.First, if you want to take charge of your own treatment, you need to understand the disease processes that can cause osteoarthritic symptoms.

Part 1 details what osteoarthritis is and gives information about what causes it, who it affects, what symptoms are associated with osteoarthritis, how it is diagnosed, and the long-term outlook.
Part 2 then explains the many potential aspects of management that can be used for osteoarthritis. This includes explaining what self-management strategies are, the range of health professionals that may assist you in managing your osteoarthritis, and a description of exercise, diet, all the different medicines that are used, their efficacy and their side effects, surgical treatments, and what alternative therapies there are

Download Fast Facts: Osteoarthritis PDF

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