Download Ebook Heart Disease (Facts)

Download Ebook Heart Disease (Facts)

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Heart Disease (The Facts Series) (Paperback)
By (author): Adrian Chenzbraun

Download Ebook Heart Disease (Facts)

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Despite great advances in prevention and in improving outcomes, heart disease remains a major source of morbidity and mortality in the Western world and, increasingly, in developing countries. The emotional impact of a diagnosis of heart disease can be significant, often increasing cardiac symptoms such as chest pain or palpitations. This addition to The Facts series stresses the importance and feasibility of primary prevention by appropriate life-style changes, whilst helping the reader to understand and cope with existing heart disease.

The book is structured to provide information on topics ranging from basic cardiovascular anatomy and physiology — as needed to understand the various pathologies discussed — to symptoms, clinical situations, investigations and available treatments. Beside medical information, the reader will find practical advice on how to communicate with the cardiologist, and how to prepare for certain tests. A glossary with commonly encountered medical terms is also included.

Although targeted mainly at cardiac patients with heart disease and their families, this book will also be useful for paramedics, specialist nurses, support groups, GPs and all those involved in treating heart patients in the community.

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Download Ebook Heart Disease (Facts)

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