Download ebook The Core Curriculum: Cardiopulmonary Imaging pdf

Download ebook The Core Curriculum: Cardiopulmonary Imaging pdf

By (author): Ella A. Kazerooni MD MS FACCP, Barry H. Gross MD FACR FACCP

Introducing a brand-new volume of The Core Curriculum–a series of textbooks that are indispensable as both guides for radiology residents’ rotations and study tools for written boards or recertification exams.
Each volume of The Core Curriculumexamines one key area–such as ultrasound, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging, cardiopulmonary imaging, head-and-neck imaging, or interventional radiology–and focuses on the essential information readers need to do well on the boards. The user-friendly presentation includes chapter outlines…tables…bulleted lists…boxed text…margin notes…key review points…hundreds of illustrations…and an easy-to-follow layout.
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