Download Dubois’ Lupus Erythematosus and Related Syndromes: Expert Consult – Online and Print, 8e PDF

Download Dubois' Lupus Erythematosus and Related Syndromes: Expert Consult – Online and Print, 8e PDF
by Daniel Wallace MD FAAP FACR (Author), Bevra Hannahs Hahn MD (Author)

Recognized for more than 45 years as the definitive text in the field, Dubois’ Lupus Erythematosus and Related Syndromes strikes the perfect balance between basic science and clinical expertise, providing the evidence-based findings, treatment consensuses, and practical clinical information you need to confidently diagnose and manage SLE.

Broaden your understanding with comprehensive coverage of every aspect of cutaneous and systemic lupus erythematosus, including definitions, pathogenesis, autoantibodies, clinical and laboratory features, management, prognosis, and patient education.
Experience clinical scenarios with vivid clarity through a heavily illustrated, full-color format which includes fundamental images of lupus rashes as well as graphs, algorithms, and differential diagnosis comparisons.
Discover the latest in systemic lupus erythematosus with new chapters on important emerging topics such as socioeconomic and disability aspects; and rigorously updated chapters that include expanded coverage of the nervous system, and the most in-depth discussion of immunity and regulatory cells.
Learn from the very best. World-renowned rheumatologists Drs. Daniel Wallace and Bevra Hannahs Hahn, along with new associate editors Drs. Michael Weisman, Ronald Van Vollenhoven, Nan Shen, and David Isenberg, present definitive coverage on new and rapidly changing areas in the field.
Rely on it anytime, anywhere! Access the full text, image bank, and bonus online-only chapters at
Dubois’ Lupus Erythematosus was first published in 1966. For the past forty years, the product has distinguished itself internationally as the go-to reference on lupus and related diseases.

For rheumatologists and internal medicine practitioners who need a comprehensive clinical reference on systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and related disorders, this product delivers a complete arsenal of information on SLE, connective tissue diseases, and the antiphospholipid syndromes.

In 1948, Edmund Dubois finished a pathology fellowship at the Los Angeles County General Hospital and was looking for a job. Although he had trained at Johns Hopkins, Parkland Hospital in Dallas and in 
Salt Lake City, he recently had married a local woman whose family was tied to the community, and knew that he could not leave Southern California. After several fits and starts in private practice settings, in 1950 Ed had a momentous meeting with Paul Starr, the chief of Internal Medicine at the general hospital. “We have 8 patients with a newly positive blood test known as the LE cell prep who have interesting clinical features, and it would be great if you could look into this” was all that he needed to know before accumulating 500 lupus patients by the mid-1960s.
First edition (1966):Dubois signed a contract with McGraw-Hill to publish the first monograph devoted to lupus erythematosus that appeared in 1966 and sold for $20. It was 479 pages with 183 figures and had 1500 references. He wrote 70% of the text, with Ian Mackay and Naomi Rothfield (who are still active in teaching and research) along  with  Peter  Miescher  covering  most  of  the  basic  science sections.
Second  edition  (1974): After  unsuccessful  negotiations  with McGraw-Hill to put out a second edition and an eight-year time lapse, with the permission of the university Ed established the University of Southern California Press and paid the Jeffries Banknote Company (which printed checks for banks) to publish the second edition. His wife and family bought booth space at medical meetings and sold the book, which was titled “Lupus Erythematosus: a Review of the Current Status of Discoid and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and their Variants”. It had 798 pages and 2975 alphabetized references and 11 of the 16 chapters were written by Dubois. Other notable authors included Ian Mackay, Larry Shulman, Sam Rapaport and Victor Pollack.Second edition, revised (1976):Also self published, this edition included the 1974 edition unchanged and tagged on a supplement to each  chapter  with  two  year  updates.  It  now  had  3145  alphabetized references and over 200 black and white illustrations

Download Dubois' Lupus Erythematosus and Related Syndromes: Expert Consult – Online and Print, 8e PDF

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