Download diet and nutrition books pdf, ppt

Download diet and nutrition books pdf, ppt

By (author): Brenda Piper

This text offers a comprehensive guide to nutrition, diet and food for health professionals. It summarizes the present knowledge of human nutrition and applies this to dietary planning for particular groups and individuals.

Diet and Nutrition

Many people have helped me in the preparation of this text. I am grateful to former colleagues from the Manchester Metropolitan University: Paul Ainsworth, Jan Carton, Barbara Densem, Heulwen Hall, Jan Mock and George Wilson. Gerry Gee and Myra Woodcock have also advised me. Elinor Pepper, formerly Head of Home Economics at the City of Manchester College has given a great deal of help with Chapter 21. Other people who have helped me are: Patsy Carey of the Barlow Moor Medical Centre and Louise and Ian Wright on infant feeding, Mike Wanless on dental health, Chris Reeves and my friends and neighbours, John Elliott and Charles Kinniburgh, who have taught me some computing skills. Finally, I am indebted to Dominic Recaldin of Chapman & Hall, for an enormous amount of help and encouragement. And I am grateful to my husband, Don, for his customary tolerance and support. The aim of this text is to offer a comprehensive guide to nutrition, diet and food for health professionals, health visitors, nurses and others who need to advise people about diet. The importance of diet and nutrition in the maintenance of health is universally known and is recognized in official documents, The Health of the Nation for England, Scotland's Health: A Challenge to Us All, and Health for All in Wales. In the recovery from illness and injury diet plays a crucial role. This book therefore summarizes the present knowledge of human nutrition, applies this to dietary planning for particular groups and individuals, and finally supplies information about food to enable nutritional knowledge to be translated into specific and practical advice. The book aims to promote understanding of the main concepts of nutrition so that dietary advice can be based on sound principles and applied with common sense. The totality of the diet, the range of foods eaten and the amounts of each, is what is important. A poor diet, enhanced by a handful of bran and a few garlic capsules, is not transformed into a healthy one, while a realization that there is an infinite variety of healthy diets and therefore one to suit every individual can only be beneficial and will perhaps reduce the anxiety with which dietary choice is often accompanied. Nutrition is an individual matter; the book offers general principles and facts to allow for their interpretation for individual requirements. The users of the book will also have different needs. For some, the key points will be sufficient for some chapters and will indicate sections where the detail within the chapter might be useful. Section 3, on foods, might be used simply for reference, to find the nutritional characteristics of a food or a good way to include oily fish in the diet.

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