Download Diagnostic Imaging: Genitourinary, 3e PDF

Download Diagnostic Imaging: Genitourinary, 3e PDF
by Mitchell E Tublin MD (Author)

A mainstay for radiology trainees and practitioners, Diagnostic Imaging: Genitourinary, Third Edition features an image-rich, reader-friendly format that outlines the role of imaging in diagnosing and managing diseases of the GU tract. Concise chapters and spectacular imaging examples combine to make this medical reference book an all-inclusive resource for every member of the radiology team.

State-of-the-art imaging ― such as CT urography, DECT, MR urography, and DWI MR ― addresses the rapidly changing diagnostic algorithm used for evaluation of diseases of the genitourinary tract
Presents approximately 2,500 superior images for a greater visual understanding, while bulleted text expedites reference and review
Includes an expanded table of contents, updated chapters and references, and brand new illustrations that highlight the roles of MR and ultrasound for evaluating diseases of the GU tract
Covers important hot topics such as prostate carcinoma staging and surveillance, adrenal adenoma work-up and relevance, staging and subclassification of renal cell carcinoma, and the role of DECT for renal stone characterization.
Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase that offers access to all of the text, figures, images, and references on a variety of devices

Abdominal imagers recognize that a formal rigid split between GU and GI radiology no longer works with the rapid advancements in cross-sectional imaging that have occurred over the past generation. Nonetheless, when we began planning for the third edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Abdomen, we realized that it was no longer possible to encompass the imaging and management of the entire spectrum of abdominal disorders in one text. Thus we decided to separate diagnoses considered to be largely genitourinary (highlighted in this updated and expanded text) from topics judged to be gastrointestinal (covered in a corresponding, companion book).


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