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Download Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal, 3e PDF
by Michael P Federle MD FACR (Author), Siva P. Raman MD (Author)

The second edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Abdomen was a major expansion of the diagnoses. In planning this, the third edition, we soon realized that comprehensive coverage of all of the advances in imaging and management of abdominal disorders was no longer possible in a single volume text. Therefore, we elected to separate diagnoses judged primarily “gastrointestinal,” covered in this thoroughly updated text, from the “genitourinary” topics, to be covered in a subsequent book.We have maintained the classic Amirsys style of bulleted text, allowing us to present factual material in less than half the space with greater clarity and readability. We have, however, also maintained and expanded the popular Introduction and Overview sections, which are written in a more informal prose style, to help readers grasp the essential anatomical issues, imaging protocols, and general approaches to the most common
system.As a new feature, we have added lists of to each Introduction and Overview section, helping readers to zero in, for instance, on the possible etiologies for a “cystic chapters on the most likely candidates will then quickly lead to a more accurate and Fluoroscopy in the modern era (read, CT, and endoscopy) has evolved to focus primarily on pre- and postoperative evaluation of patients for surgical alterations of the GI tract.
Therefore, we have de-emphasized the more diseases in favor of more expansive coverage of the radiologist’s role in evaluating patients esophageal and bowel resections, and so forth. Additional detailed diagnostic material, images, and references are included in Elsevier’s Expert Consult, an eBook that accompanies the print version of Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal, Third Edition.
We have updated and replaced most images from the second edition, maintaining only those judged to be so classic that newer examples would not be an improvement. All references and text have been updated as well, with all material being current to within a few months of the publication date of this book.The rapid preparation of this book was made possible in part by limiting the primary authorship to two experienced and highly motivated authors, who took responsibility for 
We hope that this new edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal will be a welcome addition to your library, but only after you have read it!

Ideal for trainees and practicing radiologists, Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal, 3rd Edition provides comprehensive coverage of every important topic in abdominal and gastrointestinal imaging. Featuring an increased number of illustrations, graphics, and multimodality imaging, this updated medical reference book will aid you in recognizing the characteristic and variant appearances of both common and uncommon abdominal disorders. User-friendly bulleted text and a uniform chapter layout allow fast and effortless access to the crucial knowledge you need!

Expanded coverage of the most important topics and trends in fluoroscopic evaluation of the GI tract, including evaluation of patients before and after bariatric surgery, fundoplication, and surgery for esophageal carcinoma.
Updated sections covering disorders of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas with information and images regarding new classification and treatment implications for pancreatitis, including autoimmune (IgG4-related) pancreatitis.
Increased number of illustrations of all appropriate imaging modalities, such as multiplanar CT, sonography, MR, and PET/CT.
Offers information on all forms of acute and chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, as well as critical knowledge regarding imaging techniques that allow radiologists to distinguish among focal lesions in the cirrhotic liver.
Essential information is distilled into a succinct, bulleted format with numerous high-quality images and “Key Facts” boxes to facilitate learning.
Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, references, and videos from the book on a variety of devices.


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