Download Diagnostic Imaging: Cardiovascular: Published by Amirsys 2nd (second) PDF Free

Download Diagnostic Imaging: Cardiovascular: Published by Amirsys 2nd (second) edition

by Abbara MD, Dr. Suhny published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (2013) PDF

Written by many of the best-known names in cardiac and vascular imaging, Diagnostic Imaging: Cardiovascular, 2nd edition contains a vast amount of concentrated information about cardiovascular disease entities and numerous high quality state of the art images.

Unlike other cardiovascular imaging textbooks this text focuses not just on one imaging modality such as MRI or CT, but rather highlights the imaging findings and appropriate role of all current imaging modalities that are pertinent to individual diagnoses. The imaging material is superb throughout and the author list includes experts from all aspects of modern cardiac and vascular imaging. Images are clear and convey typical and atypical examples of specific diagnoses as well as “mimics” and potential pitfalls that may affect diagnostic accuracy. As the 2nd edition to Diagnostic Imaging: Cardiovascular, the reader can expect the most up-to-date information. This is a must-have new edition!


Published by Amirsys, a globally recognized medical information publisher.
Authored by the leading experts in cardiovascular imaging within radiology and cardiology.
Unique case based format is complimented by prosaic introduction to categories of disease entities and by detailed anatomic reviews.
Heavily illustrated along with hundreds of annotated images.
Bulleted, easy-scan, and succinct text puts the most pertinent information at your fingertips
Comes with Amirsys eBook Advantage™, an online eBook featuring expanded content, additional eBook images, and fully searchable text.

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