Download The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke 2nd Edition PDF free

Download The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke 2nd Edition PDF free Download ebook medical Psychiatry  PDF free

This fully revised new edition covers the range of neuropsychiatric syndromes associated with stroke, including cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Since the last edition there has been an explosion of published literature on this topic and the book provides a comprehensive, systematic, and cohesive review of this new material. There is growing recognition among a wide range of clinicians and allied healthcare staff that poststroke neuropsychiatric syndromes are both common and serious. Such complications can have a negative impact on recovery and even survival; however, there is now evidence suggesting that pre-emptive therapeutic intervention in high-risk patient groups can prevent the initial onset of the conditions. This opportunity for primary prevention marks a huge advance in the management of this patient population. This book should be read by all those involved in the care of stroke patients, including psychiatrists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, and nurses. Robert Robinson is a Paul W. Penningroth Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry; Roy J. and Lucille A., Carver College of Medicine, The University of Iowa, IA, USA.

Download The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke 2nd Edition PDF free

Contents Preface


Part I:  Introduction 1

1 Recent trends in the epidemiology of stroke 3

2 Historical perspective 9

3 Brain organization and cerebral basis of emotion 17

4 Vascular anatomy and classification of stroke 27

Part II : Poststroke depression 39

5 Diagnosis of depression 41

6 Prevalence of depressive disorders 52

7 Phenomenology and specificity of depressive symptoms 60

8 Natural course of depression 75

9 Delayed-onset depression 82

10 Relationship to lesion location 87

11 Relationship of depression to cerebral dominance and structural asymmetries 111

12 Relationship of depression to bilateral hemisphere brain injury 120 vii Contents

13 Relationship of depression to physical impairment 125

14 Relationship to cognitive impairment and treatment 148

15 Relationship of aphasia to depression 171

16 Relationship of depression to social functioning 179

17 Relationship to premorbid risk factors 194

18 Mortality and treatment 207

19 Suicidal thoughts and plans 219

20 Biological markers 228

21 Mechanisms of poststroke depression 237

22 Treatment of poststroke depression 251

23 Prevention of poststroke depression 271

Part III : Poststroke mania 281

24 Prevalence and clinical symptoms 283

25 Clinical and lesion correlates of poststroke mania 288

26 Bipolar disorder following stroke 300

27 Mechanism of mania following stroke 306

28 Treatment of mania following stroke 314

Part IV : Poststroke anxiety disorders 317

29 Prevalence and specificity of clinical symptoms 319

30 Clinical and lesion correlates 326

31 Longitudinal course 334

32 Relationship of anxiety to outcome 341

33 Mechanism and treatment of poststroke anxiety disorder 347 PartV Other poststroke disorders 355

34 Psychosis 357

35 Anosognosia and denial of illness 366

36 Catastrophic reaction 383

37 Apathy 392

38 Disturbance of prosody 403

39 Irritability and aggression 414

40 Pathological laughing and crying 429

41 Summary and future directions 447

Index 455

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