Download Clinical Neurophysiology (Contemporary Neurology Series) 3rd Edition PDF Free

Download Clinical Neurophysiology (Contemporary Neurology Series) 3rd Edition PDF Free
by Jasper R. Daube (Author), Devon I. Rubin (Author)

Clinical Neurophysiology, Third Edition will continue the tradition of the previous two volumes by providing a didactic, yet accessible, presentation of electrophysiology in three sections that is of use to both the clinician and the researcher. The first section describes the analysis of electrophysiological waveforms. Section two describes the various methods and techniques of electrophysiological testing. The third section, although short in appearance, has recommendations of symptom complexes and disease entities using electroencephalography, evoked potentials, and nerve conduction studies.

Clinical Neurophysiologyis the result of more than 60 years of experience at the Mayo Clinic in training clinicians in the neurophysiologic methods for assessing diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. The lectures and handouts that were developed initially by Doctors Reginald Bickford and Edward Lambert in electroencephalography and electromyography, respectively, were the seeds of what has grown into the far-reaching field of endeavor of clinical neurophysiology at Mayo Clinic. The clinical neurophysiology teaching programs at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Jacksonville, and Arizona have continued to evolve into a formal, unified, 2-month course in clinical neurophysiology that provides trainees with the knowledge and experience needed to apply the principles of neurophysiology clinically.
The development of clinical neurophysiology at Mayo has paralleled developments in the field of medicine at large. The expansion during the past 25 years of neurophysiology of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system has been recognized by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, by the American Board of Medical Specialties with a Special Qualifications Examination in Clinical Neurophysiology, and by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Residency Review Committee for postresidency fellowships in Clinical Neurophysiology.
The Mayo course in clinical neurophysiology serves as an introduction to clinical neurophysiology for residents, fellows, and other trainees. The course includes lectures, small group seminars,practical workshops, and clinical experience in each of the areas of clinical neurophysiology. The faculty for the course consists entirely of Mayo Clinic staff members. These staff members are the authors of the chapters of this textbook.
Over the years, the material for the clinical neurophysiology course was consolidated from individual lecture handouts into manuals. Persons outside Mayo who had learned about these manuals by word of mouth increasingly requested them. The success of these manuals prompted us to publish the first edition ofClinical Neurophysiologyin 1996 and a second edition in 2002. The continued evolution and expansion of the field of clinical neurophysiology has resulted in this third edition.
The organization of our textbook is unique: it is built around the concept of testing systems within the nervous system, rather than separated by individual techniques. The book consists of three major sections. The first section is a review of the basics of clinical neurophysiology, knowledge that is common to each of the areas of clinical neurophysiology. The second section considers the assessment of diseases by anatomical system. Thus, methods for assessing the motor system are grouped together, followed by those for assessing the sensory system, higher cortical functions, and the autonomic nervous system. The third section explains how clinical neurophysiologic techniquesare used in the clinical assessment of diseases of the nervous system.
This third edition includes new approaches, such as those described in the new chapters on EEG coregistration with MRI imaging in epilepsy and motor unit number estimate studies in peripheral neuromuscular diseases. The underlying physiologic and electronic principles inClinical Neurophysiologyhave not changed but the approach to teaching them with bullet points and key points has provided simplification and clarification. The clinical problems in which each of the clinical neurophysiologic approaches can add to the diagnosis and management of neurologic disease have been detailed, especially the assessment of clinical symptom complexes with electroencephalography (EEG). The discussion of pediatric EEG disorders, ambulatory EEG, new equipment and digital analyses, magneto-EEG, electromyographic (EMG) techniques, motor unit number estimates, myoclonus on surface EMG, segmental sympathetic reflex, and postural hypotension has been expanded. Chapters on EMG quantification and single fiber EMG have been reorganized, and major revisions have been made in the discussion of sensory potentials, somatosensory evoked potentials, acoustic reflex testing, cardiovagal function, physiologic testing of sleep, and assessment of sleep disorders. New approaches have been expanded in each of the four chapters on monitoring neural function during surgery, particularly with motor evoked potentials.
For the first time, this edition also includes a CD with material immediately available during clinical electromyography. Pictures are provided, depicting nerve conduction study and somatosensory
evoked potential techniques used in the Mayo Clinic EMG Laboratories including accompanying Mayo normal values, images depicting muscle surface anatomy with superimposed illustrated muscles for localization during needle EMG, and algorithms used for assessment of common problems in the clinical EMG laboratory and during intraoperative monitoring. The CD also contains the “EMG Sound Simulator and Synthesizer,” a unique, downloadable, interactive program that teaches EMG waveform recognition, and motor unit potential assessment and interpretation. Interactive CNP learning has been shown to be more effective than lectures

Download Clinical Neurophysiology (Contemporary Neurology Series) 3rd Edition PDF Free

Clinical Neurophysiology (Contemporary Neurology Series) 3rd Edition PDF Free Download


Download Clinical Neurophysiology (Contemporary Neurology Series) 3rd Edition PDF Free

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