Download Brigham And Women’s Experts’ Approach To Rheumatology PDF

Download Brigham And Women's Experts' Approach To Rheumatology PDF
by Jonathan S. Coblyn (Author), Michael Weinblatt (Author), Simon Helfgott (Author), Bonnie Bermas (Author)

Brigham and Women's Experts' Approach to Rheumatology was just honored with 4 Stars from Doody's Book Review! Rheumatic symptoms are often vague and difficult to diagnose. Brigham and Women's Experts' Approach to Rheumatology helps clinicians navigate the myriad disorders and makes recommendations for treatment―all in one concise reference book. This title is an essential guide to one of the most important fields of medicine that is often misunderstood yet increasingly relevant in primary care. This titles is for physicians in training, primary care physicians. and any healthcare professional caring for patients with rheumatologic disorders. The text features: • A guide to the newest drugs and treatments • How to differentiate between rheumatic disorders • How to recognize false positives and negatives in lab tests • Detailed plans for diagnosis and patient care

I am sure you are asking yourself—why would anyone publish a medical textbook about rheumatology in this era of multiple publications and easy Internet access? That, in fact, may be part of the problem. There may be too much information for a primary care practitioner to assimilate in a timely way to address a patient’s problem when he or she is in your office. Many publications are burdensome, and the Internet, although timely, can be challenging to access during a busy day.Moreover, we would argue that although rheumatologic symptoms are amongst the most common reasons patients present to their primary care provider, rheumatology is one of the most poorly taught disciplines in medical schools; is often misunderstood by healthcare providers; and has a myriad of laboratory tests, features, and clinical syndromes that are confusing. It is for this reason that we have written this book. It attempts to summarize and simplify the important aspects of rheumatology and to help sort out among the various symptoms, signs, and laboratory tests that distinguish rheumatologic disorders. We hope to provide you with an understandable and reasonable treatment plan for these disorders. This text hopefully will be a source for easily discovered information regarding this discipline—useful information that can be obtained quickly to help contribute to the care of the patient

Download Brigham And Women's Experts' Approach To Rheumatology PDF

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