Download Ballantyne’s Deafness by Michael Martin 6th pdf

Download Ballantyne's Deafness by Michael Martin 6th pdf
by Michael Martin (Author)

John Ballantyne died in June 2008, in his 91st year, not long before the publication of this, the seventh edition of the book he originally wrote in 1960. Generations of parents of deaf children, audiologists, surgeons and physicians, speech and language therapists, teachers, psychologists, paediatricians, public health audiologists, audiological scientists and engineers in the field  of hearing have every reason to be grateful to John Ballantyne for his continuing influence, through this book, in explaining in simple and clear terms what it means to be deaf or to care for a deaf child, and how we may all contribute to this most fascinating of fi elds of endeavour.We hope that this edition will continue on the path created by John Ballantyne. Although some technical aspects of our field have changed and developed in ways our predecessors may not have predicted in the 1960s, the fundamental principles of multidisciplinary clinical care, with the patient at the focal centre of this care, have not changed, and should never do so

Download Ballantyne's Deafness by Michael Martin 6th pdf

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