Download Atlas of Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine 1e PDF

Download Atlas of Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine 1e PDF
by Anisah el Helou (Author), T.C. Telger (Translator), H. Kriegel (Foreword)

Today nuclear medicine must be considered an established speeialty, an essential tool in medieal diagnosis and treatment, and an important eomponent of medieal edueation. The use of "open radionuclides" has provided the key to visualizing ehanges in biologie struetures as well as deteeting pathophysiologie and spaee-oeeupying processes within the body. 
During the many years in whieh nuclear medieine has evolved, numerous radiopharmaeeutieals have been tested both for the quality of their diagnostie yield and for the safety of their radioaetive emissions. Meanwhile, the sensitivity and diagnostie eapabilities of nuclear imaging equipment at hospitals, offices, and institutions have been substantially improved, and quality standards for nuclear medieine protoeols and examinations have been established on the basis of intensive research. 
While a great many eomprehensive referenee works have been published on the prineiples and praetices of radiology, there has been a dearth of works dealing with "classie" nuclear medicine. Thus, an atlas portraying the results of nuclear medicine examinations is a welcome addition to the radiologie literature. 
In eompiling the images, the author has drawn materials from the files of her own nuclear medicine praetiee. Her seleetion of diagnostie images vividly illustrates the range of applieations of radionuclide imaging. The atlas also includes an historical overview outlining the evolution of nuclear medicine. It is hoped that this atlas will advanee the understanding of nuclear medieine methods and examinations in allied speeialties and among students of medieal imaging

Intended for nuclear medicine specialists in training, it is equally an invaluable reference for other professionals and students. The richly illustrated chapters are devoted to individual organs and systems, with each chapter depicting the findings in selected pathological cases and in healthy individuals, with a comparison of nuclear medicine with other diagnostic imaging modalities. The full potential and also the limitations of modern nuclear medicine are described and sources of error are elucidated. The author is a well-versed nuclear medicine specialist with experience in research, teaching and clinical practice.

Download Atlas of Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine 1e PDF

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