Download Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology 8th Edition PDF

Download Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology 8th Edition PDF
by Allan H. Ropper (Author), Robert H. Brown (Author)

A new take on the classic, definitive text on the full spectrum of neurology. Reflecting a modern approach to neurology, Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology, 8/e new format highlights a more complete and accessible approaches to treatment and clinical management strategies. This thoroughly revised edition features more coverage of treatment and neuroimaging, renown signs and symptoms sections integrated throughout, and over 800 illustrations.

The esteemed authors who conceived and wrote Principles of Neurology through its early editions, Dr. Raymond Adams and Dr.Maurice Victor, have ceded the authorship to two of their students. On this occasion, we take an opportunity to restate the premise of the book and the characteristics that distinguish it from others in the field. Based on the comments of colleagues, residents, and students over the years, the general recognition accorded the book has been due to its emphasis on the disciplined presentation of clinical data and on lucid descriptions of the underlying disease process and also to its readability. Time and knowledge have moved on in neurology but these basic virtues are still to be emulated.
In undertaking the writing of any textbook of neurology, one must concede that most patients present problems that are not easily abbreviated to stereotyped clinical descriptions. Many of the large problems in neurology, such as the nature of the degenerative and demyelinating diseases, not to mention behavioral aberrations, remain, for the most part, abstruse. It has been our goal in choosing the background material in each chapter to provide a wide intellectual scope that promotes understanding of pathophysiologic processes and challenges the clinician’s innate synthetic capacity. For these reasons, as in previous editions of the book, an attempt is made to guide the reader to the fullest possible understanding of all aspects of neurologic disease, including both clinical and new scientific data. This necessitates that rote and algorithmic or abstracted versions of the clinical method be avoided in favor of detailed descriptions. A larger medical context is provided for each category of disease, so that an entire story can be told about a subject rather than presenting terse and disembodied information.
Such a perspective includes the historical development of ideas about major categories of neurologic disorders, classical clinicalpathologic correlations, and, increasingly, molecular and physiologic processes. We believe this provides a conceptual framework that brings coherence to the large subjects of clinical neurology such as demyelinating disease, stroke, head injury, neuropathy, dementia, and degenerative disorders. This plan is the soundest basis for mastering the complexities of clinical neurology.
We adhere to the belief that there are advantages to limited authorship. The comprehensive involvement of two neurologists in rewriting this edition has promoted an evenness of style and a uniform approach across subject matter that should be pleasing to the reader. In keeping with the perspective expressed above, and as an aid to the practicing neurologist, we have included descriptions of the uncommon variants of disease and the results of treatment based on our personal experiences in office practice and in the wards of large tertiary hospitals in Boston as well as on the experiences of colleagues whose observations we have found trustworthy. One of our aims, conforming to Oslerian tradition, is to rely on clinical phenomena that we ourselves have observed

Download Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology 8th Edition PDF

Download Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology 8th Edition PDF Free

Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Download Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology 8th Edition PDF

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